Gymnastics is a great place to discover how to move. 

By starting here, with Gymnastics, you can choose many different paths where you can make friends, build body confidence and learn new skills.

The anywhere - where you end up - may keep you in Gymnastics for life, assist you with foundational skills in other sports or could simply be memories of great times had at your Gymnastics Club. 

Australian gymnasts have become Olympic Athletes, Ninja Warriors, Cirque du Soleil performers, Footballers, Ballerinas and some have chosen careers in Gymnastics as Coaches and Officials.

 Gymnastics develops fundamental movement skills, increases confidence and competence and promotes healthy participation in physical activity. It keeps you fit and provides you with the skills of control, flexibility and strength.
For further information about starting Gymnastics contact your State Gymnastics Body:

Start Here in ACT: Email or call (03) 8698 9700 (dial 3)

Start Here in New South Wales: Email or call  (02) 9763 5011

Start here in the Northern Territory:  Email or call (08) 8927 9262

Start Here in Queensland: Email or call (07) 3036 5600

Start Here in South Australia: Email or call (08) 8294 8288

Start Here in Tasmania: Email or call (03) 8698 9700 (dial 3)

Start Here in Victoria: Email or call (03) 9005 4700

Start Here in Western Australia: Email or call (08) 9228 9399

There are seven different Gymnastics Sports, click below to learn about the different types: