Clubs are expected to provide judges in the following ratio for all events they enter:
Meet & Challenge sessions
1 judge for 1-15 gymnasts & 2 judges for 16 and above.
Competition Sessions
1 judge for 1 – 10 gymnasts, 2 judges for 11 – 20 and 3 judges for 20 and above.
Open session
1 judge for 1 – 10 gymnasts and 2 judges for 11 and above.

No gymnastics experience is necessary and even those without a gymnastics background that are interested in judging are also encouraged to attend. 

To qualify to judge at a Gymstar event, judges must attend a Gymstar Judging course.
From 2019 all Gymstar judges will be required to be current Technical Members and provide their number at event sign-in.
Exemptions from completing the Gymstar Judging Course may apply to:
Current GA Intermediate (or higher) Accredited Judges.
Judges who completed the Gymstar 5-10 course in 2018 are exempt from the course. But may choose to update their knowable through the online study resources.  

Gymstar Judges Courses
Judging Course Calendar will be available at:
All questions regarding Judging Courses, Coaching Courses and Accreditation can be directed to Jeff Young: 

Child Safety and Working With Children Check

It is Gymnastics Victoria policy and a legal standard to sight a current, valid Working with Children Check (WWCC) or Victorian Institute of Teachers (VIT) card from all coaches, judges, officials, vendors and volunteers at all Gymnastics Victoria competitions.

At all Gymnastics Victoria events:
- All coaches, judges, officials, vendors and volunteers are required to present themselves to an authorised person with their current and valid WWCC or VIT card (and photo ID) and complete the sign in sheet per day of competition prior to access to the field of play;
- It is a requirement for coaches and judges to include their Technical Membership number (Judges at Gymstar may not have a  Technical ID number in 2018) when signing in; 
- Coaches, judges, officials, vendors and volunteers must be easily identifiable on the field of play by means of either a wrist band or stamp to ensure they have presented their WWCC or VIT; and
- WWCC and VIT cards must be presented visually. A number alone is not sufficient, however a clear photograph of the card (on a mobile phone or similar) will satisfy the requirement. Persons under 18 are not required to have a WWCC, however it is highly recommended;
- Personnel required to present their WWCC are encouraged to take an image of the front and back of their card in case of misplacing/lost WWCC card.

Coaches, judges, officials, vendors and volunteers unable to provide a current and valid WWCC or VIT card at all 2018 GV Events or other events will NOT be permitted access to the field of play or to continue in their role at the event, and will NOT be eligible to receive updating points or a judge honorarium.

Coaches and Judges must sign in with their current and valid WWCC or VIT card and their current Technical Membership number in order to receive updating points and payment (where required). Where a person has not included this information on the sign in sheet, they will not receive updating points or payment.