Dear Victorian Gymnastics Community,

Thank you for once again being part of the gymnastics community in 2022.

With your support, over 240,000 Australians' lives were enriched by gymnastics. 

As a clear signpost of resilience and strength of the Victorian club network, there are currently 62,565 registered participants across 113 affiliated member clubs in the state. This is an achievement of which we can all be incredibly proud.   

This statistic, places Gymnastics Victoria at the high point of all State Sporting Associations, providing a strong voice to state and local governments, a seat at Ministerial roundtable discussions and critically, at the forefront of thinking for town planners towards venues growth. It is a platform for showcasing the value of all Victorians developing the skills for an active, healthy life.

As we look to 2023, a new year brings new energy, and a new focus – and as one movement GV is excited to partner with you again.  

A collaborative partnership

Affiliation at its core means a partnership between your club, Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia. Through affiliation, your club is also in an exclusive partnership with the International Gymnastics Federation and the Australian Sports Commission. This provides access to all technical information, programs, risk protection and on-hand advocacy and support with governments.

You are part of a sporting system that exists to support club success.

Like all good partnerships, we want to support you to develop and grow your programs and athletes. We are thrilled to share with you some of the exciting things we have planned in the coming months, but more importantly, as your partner we are eager to hear from each of you to better understand your perspectives and needs.  

The gymnastics movement

As part of your affiliation, members contribute a state and national fee which is combined with insurance to be a single sum.

  • The national fee contributes to the overarching growth of gymnastics through comprehensive services and programs.
  • The state fee contributes to the governance and localised implementation of events, services and programs for clubs. State-based programs and services work alongside the national body to meet local needs, compliance and legislation.

Both Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia fees contribute to the growth of gymnastics within Australia. Including:

  • The development of a Child Safety framework to manage complaints and integrity matters which protects you and your members. 
  • The growth and state development of gymsports to enable your club drive quality programs and so your gymnasts can experience more gymnastics.
  • Localised access to coach education and accreditation programs which align to your business needs. 

2023 Gymnastics Victoria Member Club Fees


Total Per Participant Membership

(inclusive of GST)

Gymnastics Australia Membership





(inclusive of GST)

Competitive Participants


$12.33 (plus GST)

= $13.56

$5.00 (plus GST)

= 5.50


Educational / Recreational



$12.33 (plus GST)

= $13.56

$5.00 (plus GST)

= $5.50





$12.33 (plus GST)

= $13.56

$5.00 (plus GST)

= $5.50


KinderGym Participants


$6.17 (plus GST)

= $6.79

$5.00 (plus GST)

= $5.50



  1. Club fees will be calculated on 100% of registered participants in the national database at the end of each calendar quarter of 2023. Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Victoria will be moving to billing based on current year live data.
  2. Competitive participants include any Level athletes eligible to compete at a GV sanctioned, planned or organised event (i.e. Regional and State events, Club Invitationals, State Pennant Events Levels gymnasts.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, all figures are inclusive of GST which will be noted at the time of invoicing.
  4. Fees apply from the time a participant joins a club through to the end of a calendar year.  

Club affiliation fees for 2023

As per the Special General Meeting approved fee motion, CPI over the twelve months to the 2022 quarter, rose 7%.

New Club Affiliation (first year of affiliation)

$272.50 +7% = $291.56

Club Affiliation (0-50 Members)

$272.50 +7% = $291.56

Club Affiliation (>50 Members)

$1,199.00 + 7% = $1282.93

Table notes:

  1. Club Affiliation Fees include CRM / database Licence Fees and One Music Licence, which allows all clubs to play music in your gym
  2. Clubs option to take up the National Club Public Liability Insurance with Gymnastics Australia

    (price is under current negotiation).

  3. All club affiliation amounts above are inclusive of GST    
  4. No fees on direct debits but any credit card payments will incur a 2.5% charge.
  5. Clubs are encouraged to choose billing via an agreed monthly direct debit with end of year reconciliation on registrations. Please contact [email protected] to arrange this. 

Coming in 2023

On top of this, together as one gymnastics movement across the country, Gymnastics Victoria, together with all State and Territory Associations and Gymnastics Australia will be delivering on several other projects to support you, your teams and your participants: 

  • Launch of a new coach education framework to equip participants to be confident, independent coaches.
  • Launch of a new CRM to streamline the affiliation process as well as provide data-driven insights to support opportunities for all levels of the sport.
  • A National Marketing Plan and state campaigns capitalising on the opportunities for clubs ahead of major events in Victoria 2026 and Brisbane 2032.   
  • A review of Judge accreditation and training programs.

The state of play

There is no action required to continue to be part of gymnastics in Australia in partnership with Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia at this point.

It has been broadly communicated throughout 2022 that Gymnastics Victoria is managing cash flow challenges throughout 2023. We will need the passion and support of all member clubs to rebuild.

Many measures have taken place while seeking to maintain services – such as a reduced workforce, changes to cost structures and aligning projects with Gymnastics Australia. 

Quite simply, 2022 has been a bumper year for Gymnastics in Victoria.  Record breaking education courses, outstanding athlete performances at all levels, the return of Gymstar, an exploding calendar of events, government advocacy and weekly club development activities reflect a highly productive team effort at all levels of our sport.  

As we move towards the start of 2023, GV will be requesting early club affiliation payments where possible. The price point of services will also increase in 2023 to true cost levels, where previously many were underwritten by membership fees.

We are seeking your support and understanding as these changes unfold.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to gymnastics and its future. 

If you have any queries regarding your fees or any part of the affiliation process, please address your initial query to Sam Quinn at [email protected].

On behalf of the Gymnastics network, we look forward to partnering with you to provide a fun, safe and welcoming environment for all members. 

Yours sincerely, 

Robin O'Neill, CEO, Gymnastics Victoria  and Alex Ash, CEO, Gymnastics Australia