Gymnastics Victoria Hosts Victoria University Internship Student

Gymnastics Victoria has a partnership with Victoria University that enables Victoria University students to complete their course placements and internships with us. The partnership gives university students valuable workplace experience and the opportunity to work across our different departments. 

This year Gymnastics Victoria welcomed multiple Victoria University students to the team.

Joining the Marketing and Industry Development team was Gus Coverdale who recently completed a 140 hour internship with us. 

Read his reflection on the internship below:

It all started back in March this year when I came across “Gymnastics Victoria Placement Opportunity” in my Victoria University emails. Instantly this grabbed my attention as I was to do a placement in my final year of uni and this seemed absolutely perfect. Having had a large amount of experience in only a small number of sports, being cricket, AFL and basketball, I thought working with Gymnastics Victoria would be a great challenge. Despite my choice to delve into something new I was still apprehensive as to whether it would be a good fit.  

Shortly after applying for the position, I received the news that Gymnastics Victoria (GV) wanted to have an interview with me. I was thrilled. 

I nervously waited in a Zoom meeting to meet GV Staff, Gen and Steph for my interview. At the time I was sitting in the Darwin Royal Botanical Gardens, as I had been living in Darwin for some time. Instantly Gen commented on the tropical backdrop of where I was, making it a comfortable and casual chat as I got to know both Gen and Steph for the first time. 

A couple of weeks after being successful in getting the position, I was invited to the Gymnastics Victoria office for the first time to meet Gen and Steph in person. 

I was somewhat apprehensive to arrive due to the initial nerves regarding beginning a new experience. This apprehension was also driven by the high expectations and pre-existing thoughts that I formed of how a professional workplace like Gymnastics Victoria would be laid out. Upon my first day with them and my first tour of the place I was immediately relieved at the site, which was a relaxed yet hard working environment. The house-like set up with music playing softly and friendly chatter amongst staff made the environment warm and inviting yet ran smoothy and productively. This comfortable working environment is credited greatly to the friendly staff at GV including Gen and Steph. Gen and Steph really made sure I felt comfortable and included. They made a great effort to involve me in the team by introducing me to all the various staff members working there. 

When starting my first task which was a writing task, I was unsure about the style and formatting required. Due to being in an extremely relaxed yet professional environment I felt at ease about asking my first question. After turning to Steph who was at a nearby desk and asking for her advice, I felt much more comfortable to continue to gain direction when required. From this initial first experience, I understood that I strived in a calm yet hard-working environment as opposed to the intimidating corporate environment that I assumed Gymnastics Victoria would adopt. 

The experience at GV was extremely worthwhile as I worked on so many various things. Some of the things I was a part of writing about were the National Championships, the Fitter for Life program, IDAHOBIT day, the inclusion programs, the Olympics and more.

After believing I had mediocre writing ability, from not exceling in writing subjects in high school I was unsure if my writing skills were up to standard for the writing tasks I was to complete. Despite this initial uncertainty in my ability the writing styles I had to adopt were quite different to what I was used to attempting previously in school and university. This combined with the support from Gen and Steph gave me confidence in my ability.
Some of the writing styles I completed included website writing, quoting interviews, social media captions and even a media release. 

Some of the pieces I completed with GV include:
- “What are the Continental Championships” website article  
- Articles on 2021 Victorian Olympic Gymnasts Tyson Bull and Emily Whitehead 
- Newsletter stories from an interview format
- “Spotlight on inclusion in gymnastics” website article  
- A media release on the 2021 Australian Ninja Warrior Winner

My experience with GV was extremely worthwhile and has given me lots of confidence going forward. I have gained confidence in my writing ability and feel well equipped to work in a similar workforce in the future. I am so very grateful for the team at GV and especially Gen and Steph who took the times out of the days to help me throughout my placement.

If you are a Victoria University student like me who is looking for a placement, I highly recommend applying at Gymnastics Victoria.

Once again, many thanks to Gen and Steph for helping me along the way.

Written by Gus Coverdale