IWD2021: GV proud to support women 

Gymnastics Victoria is proud to be a leading sport for females. Over 80% of the participant base in Victoria is female as well as 83% of the workforce in the sport. A common pathway within the sport is gymnastics participant to gymnastics coach, with coaches then taking on administrative roles and progressing to management positions.  

Gymnastics Victoria wanted to mark International Women’s Day by profiling some members of the gymnastics community to understand their career pathway and why they love working in our sport.  

Amy Channon: Year 12 student, Gymnast, Coach, Judge, Member of Gymnastics Victoria’s Youth Advisory Group 

Amy has loved her time as a gymnast at BTYC Gymnastics as both a women’s artistic and aerobic gymnast feeling that her time in the sport has given her opportunities to learn new skills and make lifelong friends. She became both a coach and a judge because she wanted to experience the sport from a different perspective and wanted to learn more about the technical side of gymnastics. On top of this, Amy wanted to share her opinion on the way gymnastics is run and had a few ideas about how to improve the sport so found that the Gymnastics Victoria Youth Advisory Group was the perfect opportunity to build her leadership and teamwork skills that she could use both in the gym and in life.  

Amy on why she’s proud to work in gymnastics: 

“I am proud to be involved with a leading women’s sport because the support between the women and communities are the strongest I’ve seen, and I am proud that those bonds play such a big role in my life and within the gymnastics community.” 


Carolyn Bell: Gymnastics Victoria Inclusion and Programs Manager 

After being uninspired by her position at Foodworks in head office as an accounts payable clerk, Carolyn went back to university to study sport management and marketing and secured an internship at Gymnastics Victoria in 2013. The internship led to a full-time job as the Event Officer in 2014, Event Coordinator in 2016 and now this position as the Programs & Inclusion Manager which she moved to mid-2020. Carolyn was attracted to working in the sport of gymnastics due to its variety with seven gymsports and the passion and dedication of the athletes and the community. A highlight of her time in the sport was working at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018 as the Sport Operations Manager for Rhythmic Gymnastics.  

Carolyn on why she’s proud to work in gymnastics: 

“I love the positive characteristics gymnastics builds in women and girls including qualities like resilience, confidence and strength. I am also grateful for the incredible women I have met and get to work with, who inspire me every day including GV staff, gymnastics coaches, club administrators, managers and owners.” 

Joyce Evtimov: Highett Youth Club Operation Manager 

Joyce first came to Highett in 2010 as the parent of one of the club’s calisthenics coaches, however, she had been involved in many roles at two other calisthenics clubs. She worked as a volunteer at the club originally as one of the key sewers for the club then in 2012 she joined the committee and became Treasurer due to her 30-year background in financial management. In 2014, Joyce was invited to take on the role of Office Manager where her past experience in managing calisthenics clubs came to the fore with a developing love of gymnastics. Since that time Highett has seen many changes; a large increase in members, the establishment of a second gym and a move away from more traditional competitive classes to recreational classes. In 2020 Joyce became a Life Member of Highett.  

Joyce on why she’s proud to work in gymnastics: 

“My aim at Highett Youth Club is to keep children involved, making it fun and giving them a sense of their worth. The other thing about the sport which gives me great pleasure is working with young adults to become coaches and develop into fine young adults. It is an ever continuing cycle, but there is so much pleasure in seeing their development.” 

Chrissy Margaritis: Gymnastics Victoria Finance Coordinator 

Most of Chrissy’s career has been spent as an auditor with Deloitte where she worked with a diverse portfolio of clients in the middle market space and across varying teams. After some time off with her children, Chrissy worked with small businesses to assist in various accounting and compliance matters.   Chrissy’s first introduction to GV was in 2015 when she was referred as a contractor to the finance team and she felt the organisation was a welcoming and wonderful team to be a part of. Chrissy rejoined the team in January of 2020 and has thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of the role and connecting with the gymnastics community. 

Chrissy on why she’s proud to work in gymnastics: 

“It is rewarding to be part of an empowering sport which builds the skills and confidence to assist girls and boys in their development. Gymnastics offers significant health and wellbeing benefits and as the foundation for physical activity, it offers diversity to participants across various levels and stages. For all of these reasons and more, I feel proud to be part of a sport that is inclusive and enjoyable for all.” 

Tammy Robinson: FCGC Gymnastics Manager 

Tammy started gymnastics around the age of 10 and has never looked back. Tammy loves to tell the story of how she took over FCGC Gymnastics and built up the membership base so she could create herself a full time role in gymnastics and didn't need to go and get a "normal" job. Tammy’s contribution to Gymnastics for All in Victoria has been paramount. Over the years Tammy has worked closely with Gymnastics Victoria to grow the GfA space with the introduction of Gymstar to the GV events calendar. Tammy also sat on the GfA advisory group and is now a member of the GfA Technical Committee to ensure there is continual growth, development and support for gymnasts who fall within the GA category. Tammy leads by example in the community and to this day she still trains and competes in as many events as she possibly can.  

Tammy on why she’s proud to work in gymnastics: 

“I feel very privileged and grateful to work with such a high calibre of women across our sport including judges, coaches, admin staff, club managers, volunteers and staff from both the state and national bodies. These people have guided and mentored me throughout my career and I hope to be able to do the same to the next generation coming through our sport.” 

Gen Simmons: Gymnastics Victoria General Manager of Marketing and Industry Development 

Gen joined Gymnastics Victoria in November 2016 after working in various other sporting organisations including Netball Australia, Racing Victoria and Melbourne Rebels Rugby Union.  She has enjoyed growing her career from Marketing and Communication Manager to take on the responsibility of running the GV Corporate Events team and managing commercial partnerships too. Most recently she has taken on managing the Education and Workforce team and is enjoying growing her understanding of different areas of the sport. Gen also became a member of the Women Sport Australia Board in 2017 and last year was elected President.  

Gen on why she’s proud to work in gymnastics: 

“Working at Gymnastics Victoria it is fantastic to see the development of such a strong cohort of girls and women. There is no doubt gymnastics gives you a great start in life to develop fundamental movement skills but gymnastics also plays a huge role in developing and empowering females right through the sport.”