Aerobic Gymnastics Victorian Championships 

Gymnastics Victoria hosted our first 2021 Victorian Gymnastics Championship event of the year with the Aerobic Gymnastics Victorian Championships on Sunday 28 March.  

Aerodynamix Gymnastics hosted the event with the 46 high energy aerobics routines from athletes in levels 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, International and Aerodance.  

The aerobic gymnasts competing in the Victorian Championships represented nine different clubs, including Advantage Gym Sports, Aerodynamix Gymnastics, Aerosport Allstars, Balwyn Gymnastics Club, BTYC Gymnastics, Loreto Toorak, Melbourne Girls’ College, Melbourne Gym Sports and Palmer’s Gym.  

Congratulations to the following Victorian Champions: 

Level 6 Multiple Junior (9-12 years): Indie Burrows and Eva Karunanakaye - Balwyn Gymnastics 

Level 6 Multiple Intermediate (13-15 years): Shuzhong Wu and Mikayla Axup - Balwyn Gymnastics  

Level 6 Individual Intermediate (13-15 years): Grace Haslem – Melbourne Girls College 

Level 6 Individual Senior (16+ years): Amelia Moore – Palmer’s Gym 

Level 7 Multiple Intermediate (13-15 years): Allie Guillou and Belle Guillou - Palmer’s Gym  

Level 7 Individual Junior (9-12 years): Ana Karamaloudis – Loreto Gymnastics Club 

Level 7 Individual Intermediate (13-15 years): Evelyn Gammon – Melbourne Girls College 

Level 7 Individual Senior (16+ years): Madison Henwood – Aerodynamix Gymnastics 

Level 8 Individual Intermediate (13-15 years): Mischa Leening – Advantage Gym Sports 

Level 8 Individual Senior (16+ years): Mia Ritter – Melbourne Gym Sports 

Level 10 Individual Senior (16+ years): Roisin Selvarajoo – Aerodynamix Gymnastics 

International Individual Senior (16+ years): Olivia Feaver – Advantage Gym Sports 

International Age Group 2 Intermediate (13-15 years): Ruby Conti – Advantage Gym Sports 

International Trio Senior (16+ years): Ebony - Advantage Gym Sports, Jessica - Aerodynamix Gymnastics, and Lucy – Palmer’s Gym 

Aerodance Individual Intermediate (13-17 years): Lucy Rhodes – Melbourne Girls College 

Aerodance Team Intermediate (13-17 years): Evelyn, Mila, Lucy, Grace and Amy – Melbourne Girls College  

A full list of winners from the Aerobic Victorian Championships can be found here.   

Great work to everyone who competed and we look forward to many more Victorian Gymnastics Championships later in the year.