Spotlight on Fitter for Life
By Gus Coverdale

The Fitter for Life program is an inclusive program that caters for various levels of mobility for people over 55. The fun and engaging program works on improving coordination, strength and mobility. 

The program is similar to KinderGym as it refines and refocuses fundamental motor skills with an additional focus on brain activities.

Fitter for Life caters specifically to each participant’s skill and mobility level. Classes can be simple with seated activities using light weights focusing on fine motor movements or advanced with participants using different gymnastics apparatus. 

Last month, Gymnastics Victoria ran a Fitter for Life online education workshop on Sunday 9 May with an amazing turnout. Participants got a lot out of the workshop and had the chance to share their ideas on how they are going to introduce Fitter for Life at their clubs. Participants also provided positive feedback on the program and were enthusiastic about taking what they learnt back to their clubs.

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