A big year for Tyson Bull

Original image Mark Avellino 

Tyson Bull is one of Gymnastics Victoria’s very own superstars, who has numerous titles next to his name dating back to 2008. Tyson was awarded Best National Performance in 2015 at the National Championships and Best International Performance in 2017 at the World Championships. Continuing his amazing career, Tyson has been awarded a quota spot for the Olympic Games, giving him the opportunity to compete on the big stage in Tokyo. 

Tyson secured the quota spot by finishing seventh in high bar at the 49th FIG Artistic World Championships held in 2019. With the Olympic Games postponed in 2020 due to the global pandemic, Tyson has experienced a longer lead in for the Games than expected.

“Initially it was very demoralising to have the Olympics postponed, but it was actually a very productive year in my career.

My mindset has been to use the extra year of preparation to close the gap on where I was in 2019 and the top three gymnasts in the world,” Tyson said to Gymnastics Australia in January.

His determination and dogmatic eye-on-the-prize attitude has continued to drive him to success time and time again throughout his outstanding career. 

Over the years Tyson has not only committed himself to gymnastics, but also his studies. He moved to the United States of America and combined his athletic potential with studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Kinesiology and Exercise Science at the University of Illinois from 2014 to 2018. Tyson has also been completing a Masters of Physiology since returning in 2019.

Upon his return to Australia from Illinois Tyson made his mark at the 2019 Australian Gymnastics Championships winning two gold medals before his strong performance at the World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany in October.

Despite the pandemic, Tyson went ahead and committed himself to the cause. He set the 2020 year out to be a year to prepare himself.  His confidence in his skills and trust in his preparation has grown enormously from where it was once at.

“I’ve taken some big steps forward,” Tyson said. 

With his eyes on the prize Tyson was able to put his preparation over the last year to the test at the 2021 Australian Gymnastics Championships in May finishing with a gold medal on high bar. 

Tyson, in his extremely humble nature, publicly credited the overwhelming support that he has received throughout his gymnastics journey. After receiving the news that he clinched a quota spot for the Olympic Games, he noted the instrumental work of everyone around him.

 “I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in without all of the incredible people supporting and helping me in this crazy journey. I’m learning it takes a village to get to the start line of an Olympic Games,” he said.

Tyson now eagerly awaits July 24, when the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics competition will begin in Tokyo and Tyson will achieve his lifelong dream to represent Australia in the world’s most elite sporting event.  With just under a month to go, the wait is nearly over.

Good luck Tyson! 

Story by Gus Coverdale