Spotlight on inclusion in gymnastics

The Paralympic Games begin today in Tokyo! The Paralympics bring together athletes with a disability from around the world to compete and achieve their sporting goals in an inclusive environment. 

Although gymnastics isn’t included as a Paralympic sport Gymnastics Victoria believes it is incredibly important that anyone who wants to participate in gymnastics can do so in a fun, safe, inclusive and engaging environment. 

Gymnastics clubs around Victoria run inclusive programs helping athletes with a disability to work on their fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination and social skills.

Gymnastics Victoria offers a range of different inclusive programs to ensure gymnastics can be enjoyed by everyone, keep reading to find out more about our inclusive programs.

Special Olympics
The Special Olympics Program caters for people with intellectual and physical disabilities to participate and compete in gymnastics. This program gives athletes an avenue to work on various social and physical skills that cater to the needs of each participant. The Special Olympics Program is quite unique in the sense that it gives athletes an avenue to compete against each other at the Victorian Championships and then to further qualify for the National Special Olympic Games competing against other states and territories. Athletes can also go on to represent Australia at the World Special Olympic Games.   
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Aerobase is another unique program designed to get people moving in a fun and social way. One of the benefits of this program is that it is run remotely online and can be completed from anywhere as long as people have access to a screen and sound, plus the program is free. Aerobase is especially great during a lockdown period as it is safe for participants to do at home, provided they have a clear space. 
Aerobase also runs as a competition for special schools that can also enter as part of our online Aerobase competition. The winning school each year receives $1000 for the school. 
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Blind Sports Gymnastics
Our Blind Sports gymnastics program has been created for athletes with vision impairments in partnership with Blind Sports Recreation Victoria. 
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Therapists in Gymnastics 
Therapists in gymnastics is another inclusive program. As part of this program physiotherapists, occupational and other therapists hire out a gymnastics space to work with their clients. This program is engaging and valuable with therapists able to cater the program to each individual’s needs.
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Many Victorian gymnastics clubs also have their own access all abilities classes with both group classes and individual sessions. Clubs will work athletes and their families to find a class that is the right fit for them and can alter the environment to be more welcoming by adjusting sensory triggers to the needs of each individual. 

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