Gymnastics Victoria are proud of having so many committed coaches, judges, volunteers and administrators across the State. We will be featuring Hero of the Month profiles – you can nominate a coach, judge, volunteer or administrator to be featured by clicking here.

Thomas Daddow is the Gymnastics Victoria Hero of the Month for May.

Thomas Daddow from FCGC was one of the first coaches leading the way by delivering online programming once gymnastics clubs were forced to close amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Thomas has been delivering his classes live on FCGC’s Facebook a few times a week since the club closures started, and has quickly built up a dedicated following from both FCGC gymnasts and the general public alike. 

One of the most unique and heartwarming parts of Thomas's coaching is that he takes the time to welcome each of the viewers who appear on his screen before he begins the class. 

Thomas's classes don't require any gymnastics equipment and instead utilise items commonly found around the home, making them accessible to all families. In addition, the programming is free and not limited to the FCGC Gymnastics members, which means everyone can join in and benefit from gymnastics! 

Well done Thomas!