Gymnastics Victoria are proud of having so many committed coaches, judges, volunteers and administrators across the State. We will be featuring Hero of the Month profiles – you can nominate a coach, judge, volunteer or administrator to be featured by clicking here.

Hong Gen is the Gymnastics Victoria Hero of the Month for November.

Throughout his 30 years in Melbourne, Hong Gen has remained at BTYC working alongside countless other coaches, managers and administration staff. By creating a warm, friendly, yet technically strong environment for his gymnasts, Hong Gen has been able to help advance the profile of our sport, through his production of countless State and National team members and champions. Equally, by staying with BTYC, he has also bestowed these benefits on the club. Not limiting himself to just high performing athletes and instead, showing passion for gymnastics at every level, Hong Gen has been able to encourage gymnasts to join in, grow and develop continuously. 

Hong Gen has been involved in Gymnastics for 10 years as a gymnast and 37 years as a coach. He stopped competing as a gymnast in China back in 1982, at 24 years of age, reaching international standard on Floor. Hong Gen made the move to Australia in 1989. As a coach Hong Gen has coached thousands of gymnasts and has had athletes involved in nearly every annual Victorian State team for the Australian Championships, since the early 90s. Despite offers of employment from other states, clubs and countries, Hong Gen has remained loyal to BTYC and Victoria. 

Words are always outshone by actions and it’s this aspect of Hong Gen's service that is most notable, everyone who meets Hong Gen has a positive interaction with him that has stuck with them. 

Awesome work Hong Gen!