Victorians shine in Week 2 of the Australian Gymnastics Championships

Photo: Winkipop Media via Gymnastics Australia

 It was a week full of leaps, flips, aerials and triumphs during the second week of the Australian Gymnastics Championships, with some outstanding performances in the Rhythmic, Trampoline, Aerobic and Acrobatic Gymnastics competitions.  

Victoria claimed third position in the medal competition, securing 67 Gold, 73 Silver and 58 Bronze bringing the total to 198. New South Wales came out on top, winning a massive 282 medals, followed by Queensland with 238. 

There were fantastic results across all four Gymsports throughout the week. There were Gold medals for the Sub-Junior, Pre-Junior and Senior International Rhythmic Gymnastics groups and All-Around Gold for Miyabi and Alex (Prahran Rhythmic Gymnastics). 

In Trampoline, Brock Batty (CYC Gymnastics) picked up Gold medals in the Youth Under 13 Trampoline and Double-Mini Trampoline as well as a Bronze medal with teammate Flynn (CYC Gymnastics) in the Synchronised Trampoline.

Our Aerobic gymnasts had a great competition in their first year at the Australian Gymnastics Championships, with a clean sweep of Gold medals in the Senior levels. Senior International athletes Kenji (Loreto Gymnastics Club) and Olivia (Advantage Gym Sports) took out the Gold medals in the Male and Female competition, and Ruby Conti (Advantage Gym Sports) claimed the Gold in AG1.  

The Victorian Acrobats faced tough competition from a strong NSW team but still managed to dominate on the podium! Kathy, Emily and Daniela (Team Adrenalin) claimed the Gold medal for the Junior International 12-18 Trio while our Senior Trio and Senior Mixed Pair came away with Silver medals. 

Congratulations also goes to the Victorian athletes who have been selected to represent Australia on the National Squads. Alexandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva, Ashari Gill and Alisa Gimgina (Prahran Rhythmic Gymnastics) have all been selected for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Senior International National Squad. Trampoline gymnast Ryan Hatfield (Omega Trampoline Club) has been selected for the Double-Mini Trampoline (DMT) National Squad. 

Victorian Team and All-Around Medals 

Photo: Winkipop Media via Gymnastics Australia

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Sub-Junior  Team – Gold medal 
All-Around – Dominga Beltran (Silver medal) & Elodie Lamont (Bronze medal)

Team – Gold medal
Group – Silver medal
All-Around – Miyabi Akiya (Gold medal)

Junior International 
Team – Bronze medal 
Group – Silver medal 

Senior International 
Team – Gold medal 
All-Around – Alexandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva (Gold medal) & Ashari Gill (Bronze medal)  

Trampoline Gymnastics

National 5 Male – Emerson Leffler (Silver medal) 
National 5 Female – Poppy Davey (Bronze medal) 
Youth Under 13 Male – Brock Batty (Gold medal) & James Mann-Segal (Silver medal) 

Double-Mini Trampoline 
International Male Team - Gold
National 5 Male – Daniel Meekin (Bronze medal) 
Youth Under 13 Male – Brock Batty (Gold medal) 
Junior Under 17 Female – Lia Sterns (Gold medal) 
Junior Under 22 Male – Callum Evans (Silver medal) 
Junior Under 22 Female – Caitlyn James (Silver medal) 
Senior International Male – Ryan Hatfield (Silver medal) 

National 6 Male – Guy Rottenberg & Mason Rimmer (Gold medal) 
National 7 Female – Caitlyn James (Silver medal) 
Youth Male – Brock Batty & Flynn Gregor (Bronze medal) 
Youth Female – Alyssa Calcatjicos & Phoebe Kakaras (Silver medal) 


National 7 Male – Logan Barker (Gold medal) 
Senior International Female – Latisha Painter (Bronze medal) 

Aerobic Gymnastics 

Level 6 Junior – Mikayli Bartleet (Gold medal), Ana Karamaloudis (Silver medal) & Emma Varis (Bronze medal) 
Level 6 Junior Multiple - Allie Guillou & Belle Guillou (Gold medal) 
Level 6 Intermediate – Claudia McNee (Bronze medal) 
Level 6 Intermediate Multiple – Amelia Cartledge-Moore & Olivia Leed (Silver medal)
Level 6 Senior – Chanse Mathers (Gold medal) & Madison Henwood (Silver medal) 
Level 7 Junior – Mathilda Grant (Gold medal) & Alexis Johnston (Silver medal) 
Level 8 Senior – Lucy Membrey (Gold medal) & Taya Bergman (Bronze medal) 
Level 8 Senior Multiple – Amelia Fear & Claire Cheeseman (Gold medal) 
Level 9 Senior – Eve Hinchliffe (Silver medal) 
Level 10 Open – Emma Ward (Bronze medal) 
AG1 – Ruby Conti (Gold medal) 
Senior International Male – Kenji Fujihara (Gold medal) 
Senior International Female – Olivia Feaver (Gold medal) 

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Level 6 Women’s Trio – Jessica Peraic, Chiara Nathan & Milki Tse (Bronze medal) 
Level 7 Women’s Trio – Emily Maiorana, Rubi Tan & Samantha Mullins (Bronze medal) 
Level 7 Mixed Pair – Patrick Morgan & Vanessa Toivenen (Silver medal) 
Junior 11-16 Women’s Trio – Sophia Alhassan, Samantha Hughes & Sarsha Hughes (Bronze medal) 
Junior 12-18 Women’s Trio – Kathy Le, Emily Massara & Daniela Gurmesevic (Gold medal) 
Senior Women’s Trio –Greta Di Lorenzo, Kirsty Faulker & Laura Schwindt (Silver medal) and Alessia Di Filippo, Ella Murdoch & Emily Ivanka (Bronze medal) 
Senior Mixed Pair – Daniel Zenkis & Lara Lamont (Silver medal) and Aaron Mavro & Lhonegan Foxman (Bronze medal) 

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