April Victorian Championships – Day 3

Sunday 14 April was the final day of our April Victorian Championships at Geelong Arena featuring Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG), Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) and Trampoline Gymnastics (TRP). 

Competition today featured the WAG Gymnastics Team Spectacular which is based on US college-style events that are full of energy, costumes and cheering. This event sees Level 9 and 10 gymnasts compete in teams to be crowned the Gymnastics Team Spectacular champion team. For 2019 our Gymnastics Team Spectacular champion team is <>. 

Another component of our final day of the April Victorian Championships was the Special Olympics Gymnastics competition featuring athletes with intellectual disabilities competing alongside other athletes. During the second session of the day there were ten WAG Special Olympic Gymnasts as well as MAG Special Olympic Gymnast Patrick Forssman who recently returned from the Special Olympic World Games in Abu Dhabi where he won seven medals including the All-Around Silver. 

As well as the Gymnastics Team Spectacular we also had WAG competition in the morning for Level 8 Division 1 for ages 12 years and under, Level 8 Division 1 for ages 13-14 years, Level 8 Division 1 for ages 15 and over, Level 8 Division 2 for ages 14 and over, and all levels of Special Olympics. The evening session of WAG featured Day 2 of Future International as well as Junior International and Senior International competition seeing some of our most promising Victorian gymnasts in action.

In Men’s Artistic Gymnastics the morning session featured Day 2 for Level 7 Open, Level 8 Open and Level 9 Open as well as Special Olympics Gymnastics. The evening session featured Day 2 of competition for Level 7 Under 13 years, Level 8 Under 14 years, Level 9 Under 15 years, Level 9 Under 17 years, Level 10 and Senior International. We look forward to seeing many of the athletes from this final session competing at the Australian Gymnastics Championships in May. 

In Trampoline Gymnastics it was a day of both Individual and Synchronised Trampoline and Tumbling action. In the morning it was Levels Synchronised Trampoline and Level 4 and Level 5 Tumbling. The afternoon begun with Junior International Under 17 and Under 22 Trampoline as well as Senior International Trampoline followed by Level 6, Level 7, Youth Under 13, Junior International and Senior International Tumbling. The Trampoline Gymnastics competition came to a close with International Synchronised Trampoline. 

Congratulations to all of today’s All-Around Champions: 

WAG Level 8 Division 1 (12 & U): Marley Bishop - YMCA Geelong 
WAG Level 8 Division 1 (13-14 years): Jasmine Law - Jets Gymnastics (Diamond Creek)
WAG Level 8 Division 1 (15 & O): Tatum Cotterrell - Chamford Gymnastics
WAG Level 8 Division 2 (14 & U): Madison Joy - Waverley Gymnastics 
WAG Special Olympics Level 1: Lila Sappho - Aerosport Allstars
WAG Special Olympics Level 2: Tess Houtsma - Aerosport Allstars 
WAG Special Olympics Level 3: Charlee Lang - CYC Gymnastics 
WAG Gymnastics Team Spectacular: MLC Gymnastics
WAG Future International: Imogen Hammer - Waverley Gymnastics Centre 
WAG Junior International: Kiersten Hashimoto-Kougiadis - Atlas Gymnastics 
WAG Senior International: Romi Brown - Waverley Gymnastics Centre

MAG Level 7 Open: Tyrone Llaguano - Dolphin Gymnastics
MAG Level 8 Open: Matthew Kapp - Dolphin Gymnastics
MAG Level 9 Open: Kynan Whitehead - BTYC Gymnastics
MAG Special Olympics: Patrick Forssman - Aerosport Allstars
MAG Level 7 (13 & U): Xavier Magnanini - Men's High Performance Program
MAG Level 8 (14 & U): Nicholas Howard - Men's High Performance Program 
MAG Level 9 (15 & U): Sandy Hardiman - Men's High Performance Program 
MAG Level 9 (17 & U): Kipp Smith - Men's High Performance Program (Residential) & Jesse Moore (Non-Residential - South Australia)
MAG Level 10: Ryan O'Keefe - BTYC Gymnastics 
MAG Senior International: Ruben Chitters - Dolphin Gymnastics 

TRP Levels Synchro: Mali Cash & Keeley Sullivan - CYC Gymnastics
TRP Level 4 TUM Male: Alexandru Man - CYC Gymnastics 
TRP Level 4 TUM Female: Ava Harrington - Palmer's Gym
TRP Level 5 TUM Female: Amber Kelly - Palmer's Gym 
TRP Junior International U17 TRP Male: Joe Zadirevich - CYC Gymnastics 
TRP Junior International U17 TRP Female: Sunday Hollingsworth - CYC Gymnastics 
TRP Junior International U22 TRP Male: Callum Evans - CYC Gymnastics '
TRP Junior International U22 TRP Female: Caitlyn James - CYC Gymnastics 
TRP Senior International TRP Male: Harrison Tullberg - Omega Trampoline Sports 
TRP Senior International TRP Female: Paige Crane - CYC Gymnastics 
TRP Level 6 TUM Male: Nicholas Caruso - Palmer's Gym
TRP Level 6 TUM Female: Ella McCubbin - Maffra Gymnastics Club 
TRP Level 7 TUM Male: Logan Barker - Palmer's Gym
TRP Level 7 TUM Female: Lucy Harrison - Palmer's Gym
TRP Youth U15 TUM Female : Arkie Starr Macrae - Palmer's Gym
TRP Junior International U17 TUM Female: Charlotte Blanks - Palmer's Gym
TRP Senior International TUM: Latisha Painter - Palmer's Gym
TRP International Synchro: Callum Evans & Alex Luyckx - CYC Gymnastics

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