MAG Finalists – Family Ball and Awards Night 2019

Gymnastics Victoria’s 2018 Gymsport Awards Finalists for Men’s Artistic Gymnastics have been announced! These awards will be presented to finalists and winners at the 2018 Family Ball and Awards Night on February 9th 2019 at Peninsula Docklands. 

See a full list of finalists below.

High Performance Athlete of the Year

Kynan Whitehead – BTYC
Kipp Smith – MAG HPP (Eastern Gymnastics Club)
Tyson Bull – University of Illinois 
Luke Wadsworth – MAG HPP (Grips)
Adrian Hart – Grips 
Samuel Vagg - BTYC

Levels Gymnast of the Year

Kellen Ireland – EKGA
Ethan McCormack – MAG HPP (PIT Gymnastics)
Ryan O’Keefe – BTYC
Phil Stewart – MAG HPP (CYC)
William Whitehead – BTYC 
Ben Holden – PIT Gymnastics 

Volunteer of the Year
Jacquie Dilnutt 
Grace Lepore 
Thomas Daddow 

Official of the Year
Sashwat Patel
Gordon Wallace
Kevin James
Carol James
Brad Mannix
Satoshi Okita

Congratulations to all MAG Finalist athletes and officials and thank you for your contribution to the gymnastics community in 2018. For more information on each of the finalists you can click here.

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