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 Gymnastics Victoria are here to support you and your club as we navigate the ever changing situation around the coronavirus COVID- 19. 

We are committed to ensuring our clubs and wider community receive up to date information and will continue to be in regular contact as new information arises. 

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Club Communication - 26/3/20

Dear Member Clubs,

This week has been one of the hardest for our gymnastics community, with gymnastics clubs being one of the first sectors affected by government-imposed shutdowns.  Several clubs have been suffering closures since previous weeks, as schools and local councils imposed their own restrictions.  All of our gymnastics community are hurting - whether a coach who has been stood down, a club owner facing financial peril, a gymnast who is denied the opportunity to attend a class with their friends or a competitive athlete who’s been torn from the sport they live and breathe.

The Board and Staff of Gymnastics Victoria are here for you and are devoting our efforts to finding ways to support the Victorian gymnastics community; we’re continuing to gather and share information, advice, tips and connect you with resources that can be of use.  We’ve made the decision to dive into the reserves built up over the past few years to cut fees in an attempt to provide a bridge for clubs to get through this period, and in coordination with Gymnastics Australia are extending technical memberships to ease the pressure on coaches and judges. These initial decisions are expected to result in a reduction of the GV reserves in 2020 of almost $250,000

Advocacy for gymnastics
One of the steps we are taking is to seek gymnastics-specific support from the State Government.  To do this we are gathering information through surveys, conversations, and from affiliation information provided.  We will use this to build a picture of how much is being lost to the State’s economy and health outcomes that will need to be sustained during, and restored after, this current pandemic.  We understand the ramifications of closing clubs are enormous for each and every member of the community and we want to ensure that all levels of government understand what could be achieved through supporting gymnastics to endure. Gymnastics is an economically significant sport and closing clubs has an economic impact affecting jobs, payroll and rents.

Clubs will receive a short survey seeking some basic financial and participation information that will be used to build this picture for the State Government.  All information provided will be held in the strictest confidence by GV and only aggregated figures will be released to aid our advocacy on behalf of members.  To allow us to collate and use this information rapidly, we ask that all clubs endeavour to complete the survey as soon as possible.
Early next week a Gymnastics Victoria staff member will get in contact with each gymnastics club to check in with you and follow up about this survey. Once we’ve a solid picture of how clubs have been affected we will work quickly to activate the advocacy campaign.  Clubs will be provided copies of materials we produce that can be shared with local members or councils to further community support for gymnastics to thrive in the future.

Financial Support
A reminder about the Australian and Victorian government economic stimulus information which is beneficial for clubs. 

Federal Government resources including fact sheets on support for business, individual/household, and credit arrangements (easier business loans): 
Information on the Australian Government’s Economic Response to Coronavirus - Download PDF
Boosting cash flow for employers - Download PDF
Temporary relief for financially distressed businesses - Download PDF
Increasing the instant asset write-off - Download PDF
Backing business investment - Download PDF
Support for immediate cash flow needs for SMEs - Download PDF
Quick and efficient access to credit for small business - Download PDF
If you are a sole trader without employees, see this link.
You can also call the Federal Government’s business support helpline on 13 28 46 or visit www.business.gov.au 

State Government resources including: payroll tax relief and business support fund - click here.  

You can register your interest for the State Government’s Business Support Fund here.

The State Revenue Office tax relief for eligible businesses: click here.

For your coaches or individuals who have been unavoidably laid off or stood down, a guide to government support is here and information on how to prepare for a claim is here.

Gymnastics Victoria support of affiliated clubs with financial measures to assist: click here.

Banks and other financial institutions are also offering concessions and support packages such as deferred loan repayments and fee waivers – if you haven’t already done so we suggest getting in contact with your bank or provider to see what they can do to assist.

HR Support
Our preferred supplier HR Plus have prepared the following information for gymnastics clubs who are considering various strategies to minimise employee overheads: click here.

Health Reminders
A reminder to ensure that you and those around you keep well and safe: 
General Information on COVID-19: click here.
Information on Physical Distancing: click here.
COVID-19 Promotional Material from the Victorian Government – good for social media content: click here.

Online Gymnastics Class Guidelines
Staying connected during this period is incredibly important and we are impressed to see several of our clubs providing alternative online classes/lessons/videos. 

If your clubs is providing online training please ensure you are sticking to the guidelines addressed in this fact sheet from Marsh Insurance so that you are aware of the types of training activities that are still covered through insurance: Training Athletes at Home Fact Sheet.

As primary communications are through electronic devices and/or social media rather than face to face, please be mindful of the Child Safe Codes of Behaviour and the following guidelines to ensure effective and safe communication with coaches and athletes under the age of 18: 
Coaches cannot privately message/call any athlete under the age of 18. All communication must be done via the young person’s guardian/parents or another coach or parent must be copied into the correspondence;
Should a coach receive a private message from an athlete under 18 they are to respond to the message by adding another coach or the parent into the chat and letting the athlete know;
Coaches should mainly communicate with athletes via group messages where another Club coach/manager will be included and monitoring content; 
Image sharing is only appropriate if:
o    All content is directly relevant to the delivery of gymnastics; 
o    Parent/guardian has given permission for images/video’s to be shared; 
o    Images / videos shared should not be saved onto any personal devices from personal devices as soon as they are no longer necessary to keep;
o    Image / videos shared remain in the group messages.
o    Coaches do not post images/videos of any participants onto personal social media accounts 

Gymnastics Australia have released additional factsheets and guidelines which are available here

We hope that this information and these links can be helpful to you. We are all in this together as we navigate a way for gymnastics to make it through this challenge and have clubs ready to open their doors again when this is all over, whenever that may be.

This is a tough, uncertain time for us all; please stay in voice or video contact with one another, stay healthy, and know that we can get through this together.

With best wishes,

Gymnastics Victoria

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