Trampoline (TRP) Development Squad


The Gymnastics Victoria (GV) Trampoline (TRP) Development Squad provides opportunities for athletes and coaches throughout Victoria to participate in the athlete and coach high performance TRP pathway. 

Eligibility to be invited to participate in the TRP Development Squad is based on athlete performance at competitions.  Athletes (through competition results) and coaches (through athlete invitation or as an observer) can attend clinics across the year to enhance their gymnastics skills and knowledge.  Guest presenters will also be invited to present at the development squad clinics.

The first pilot clinic for the Trampoline Development squad will be held on Sunday 16th December 2018. 

Coach attendance is a key component of the TRP Development squads. Coaches of athletes selected to participate in the development squads are required to attend each clinic.  Other Victorian TRP coaches are encouraged to attend the clinics and any accompanying coach education sessions as an observer.

The anticipated total cost for pilot clinics will be approximately $25 - $40 per athlete.  The cost for coach observers (coaches attending without athletes) will be $15 - $20 per session.  Updating points will be available for all coaches attending sessions. 

Please note that the 2018 TRP Development Squad clinic is a pilot program. The program will be reviewed and adapted as required for the future.

For further information, please contact Julia Fitzsimons or Jamie Parsons at the GV office on (03) 9005 4700.