Acrobatic Technical Updates

 June 2018   Technical Update

It has been quite a few months with mixed messages on how our acrobats will enter onto the floor ready for their routine performance.

FIG has mentioned that they would like it to be direct, quick, and clean with “little fluff” to assist the timing of competitions and also to benefit the television audience so that there isn’t wait time of the acrobats to see the green flag – go to side of floor – present to judges – march around the floor – present again – walk onto floor to get into position (sometimes with dance) and then finally get into position to go. This can add easily an extra minute to get this done just getting onto the floor not even considering leaving the floor.

At Worlds this did occur but at other competitions it has been hit and miss depending on the clubs you were from as it was not a set FIG rule.

The Victorian ACRO TC has decided to clear this issue up and have made the decision that from Victorian Championships 2018 onwards (inc state pennant) that all pairs/groups in all levels will follow this process:

Stand with floor manager/coach in designated area and when signalled by the CJP (green flag or hand) MARCH directly onto the floor to their starting positions.

One or all pair/group members will then salute to the judging panel then move to their start poses.

At the end of the routine one or all pair/group members will then salute to the judging panel then march off the floor to the quickest exit point. They march directly to their coach/floor manager and exit the area.

 Any questions please direct them to the ACRO Technical Committee