Men's Technical Information

The information published in the following section shall remain in force for the current year to the December 31. Information contained herein is discipline specific, and as such should be read in conjunction with and as part of:

  • The Technical Statutes
  • National Program Manual/Technical Regulations
  • Code of Points
  • The Constitution of Gymnastics Victoria
  • The Events Handbook
  • The Year Book
  • The GV Website

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Men's Technical Committee


 2017 Technical Committee Members

The Men's Technical Committee is responsible for the technical rules of Men's Gymnastics in Victoria.

Brad Mannix – Technical Director
Anthony Weston – Coaching Coordinator
Kevin James – Judging Coordinator
Lachlan Graham – Events Coordinator / Regional Representative
Dean Mulholland – Minutes & Secretary
David Hunsdale – General Member (Assistant Coaching Coordinator)
Satoshi Okita – General Member (Assistant Judging Coordinator)
Esther Wheldon – General Member (Communications)
Thomas Daddow – General Member (Inclusions Officer)
Grace Lepore – General Member
Julia Fitzsimons – Nominated Member (State Team Manager)

Meeting Dates

The MAG TC shall conduct all meetings in accordance with best practice and in accordance with its Statutes and Gymnastics Victoria Constitution.

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All correspondence to the Men’s Gymnastics Technical Committee should be addressed to:

MAG Technical Committee
C/- Gymnastics Victoria
138 High Street

Items must be made in writing and received at least 14 days before the published meeting date.


Technical Committee Statutes

The Technical Committee Statutes are the rules and regulations that govern the sport specific Technical Committees in Victoria

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