All Gymnastics Victoria event forms can be found here.

If you are having difficulty finding the form you require, please contact the GV Events team on 03 9005 4700 or

2021 Event Forms

Generic Forms

Refund Application (Withdrawal) Form - WordPDF - applications will not be accepted later than 5 working days after completion of event.

Judges Waiver Application - ExcelPDF

Generic Entry Forms - ExcelMAGWAG NL - WAG IL - for club invitational use only. Clubs running events are welcome to insert their own logo in the header/footer as well as club contact information.

Coaches Sign In Sheet - ExcelPDF

Judges Sign In Sheet - Excel | PDF

Volunteers Sign In Sheet - ExcelPDF

Photography Withdrawal Form - PDF

Event Equipment Hire Form - Excel

Lower Levels Badge Order Form - JotForm

Replacement Badge Order Form - JotForm

Request for Special Consideration - Word    


Men's Gymnastics

MAG Age Calculator - Excel  - use to double check age groups

MAG LAT Form - Excel

Women's Gymnastics

WAG Divisions Calculator - Excel

WAG Border Challenge Trial Entry Form - Jotform

WAG LAT Form - Excel

Rhythmic Gymnastics

RG Senior Victorian Championships Entry Form - Jotform

RG LAT Form - Excel

Gymnastics For All


Aerobic Gymnastics

AeroSchools National Qualifier - Excel

AeroSchools Victorian Championships - Excel

Trampoline Gymnastics

TRP LAT Form - Excel

Acrobatic Gymnastics

ACR State Trial Entry Form - Jotform

ACR LAT Form - Excel