GV Lockdown Challenge

Gymnastics Victoria would like to invite all our Victorian clubs to participate in the #GVLockdownChallenge.

Over the coming weeks Gymnastics Victoria will be running a series of challenges for clubs and their members to participate in. The #GVLockdownChallenge is supported by the Victorian Government and there will be multiple opportunities for clubs to win a cash prize. The total prize pool will be $18,000 split across the different challenges.

We encourage clubs to share their challenge entries with the gymnastics community on social media using the hashtag #GVLockdownChallenge and by tagging @gymnasticsvictoriaofficial on Instagram or @gymnasticsvic on Facebook.
However, competition entries are to be submitted through Jotform.

Warm Up Challenge Monday 27 July until Wednesday August 5

For the second lockdown challenge, we want to see your club make up a warm up routine that expresses your club spirit.  

We’re wanting to see your club’s creativity as you engage with your members via an online platform to show us your full-body warm up.   

Your warm up shouldn’t be more than a minute and thirty seconds and should show how your gymnasts get ready to train - we know warm ups usually go for longer than 90 second so just give us an overview!  

Entries are now closed and being judged. Winners will be announced on Friday 7 August. 

Challenge Rules:  

Videos must be no longer than 90 seconds  

All participants in the video must be visible on the same screen  

There must be a range of different gymnasts in your video   

Warm up routines must be performed in a clear space  

Warm ups must be synchronised minus any computer glitches   

Judging criteria will be: 
- Creativity and orginality
- Inclusivity 
- Energy  
- Variety of Movements (dynamic, static and aerobic) 


Terms and conditions 

Name of competition: 
GV Lockdown Challenge – Warm Up Challenge 

Promoter: Gymnastics Victoria 
Location: Building G/158 High St, Prahran VIC 3181 
Entry Restrictions: The competition is open to all clubs affiliated with Gymnastics Victoria, should this information be found to be incorrect the entry may be declined. 

All videos must be club submissions and must have the approval of a parent/guardian if subjects are under the age of 18 and this will need to be declared on the entry form. A term of entry is that videos may be used on social media.  

To be considered valid entries, all terms and conditions must be adhered to and the challenge instructions/rules must be followed. By submitting your entry, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions. 

All entries must be submitted by the closing date. Late, illegible, incomplete, defaced or corrupt entries will not be accepted. No responsibility can be accepted for lost entries and proof of transmission will not be accepted as proof of receipt.  

Entries must not be sent through agencies or third parties.  

Gymnasts should be dressed appropriately; leotards, bike pants, leggings, fitted t-shirt or singlet. No visible midriffs should be shown.  
Competition Period: The GV Lockdown Challenge – Warm Up Challenge will be run from Monday July 27 until Wednesday August 5 at 11.59pm.   The winners will be announced on Gymnastics Victoria’s website and social media channels on Friday August 7. 
Entry Method: Entry is free, and entries are to be submitted through Jotform. All required fields in the entry form must be answered completely and accurately.  Only one entry will be allowed per club venue. 

Judging Criteria: The warm up routines will be judged by the GV Lockdown Challenge Working Group to determine the winning clubs. The judging criteria will be based on the challenge rules. 
Prize: The club who are judged to have the most creative and inclusive warm up will win $3,000, the 2nd place club will receive $2,000 and the 3rd place club will receive $1,000. In the event that multiple routines are deemed the most creative they will share any prize pool equally. 
Notification of winners: Winners will be notified by email and published on our website and social media on Friday 7 August. 
Privacy/Publication: Entry into the competition provides Gymnastics Victoria permission to utilise your video for future purposes, including use on social media channels, website, newsletters, partners, etc. Unless you have said otherwise on the Jotform. Please note that routines may be shared on social media without music due to the platform’s copyright rules.  

Handstand Challenge Tuesday July 14 until Wednesday July 22

The first challenge was a challenge to see which club could hold a handstand for the longest average time.  

Athletes sent us videos of themselves holding their best handstand for as long as they could and all the handstands were timed and judged with the greatest average handstand times determining the winning clubs. 

Handstand Challenge Winners

1. BTYC Gymnastics
2.Team Adrenalin 
3. Waverley Gymnastics Centre