Results for all Gymnastics Victoria events are posted here as soon as possible following each session or event. We endeavour to post these by lunchtime Monday, following each Gymnastics Victoria event.

Club Invitational results are also posted here. If you are searching for Club Invitational results that do not appear on these pages, please contact the Invitational's host club.

2019 Event Results

Please Note: Results can take up to 2 business days to be published as we wait to receive them from the host clubs. Thank you for your patience.

Men's Gymnastics

 Date Competition Venue
16th & 17th Feb  MAG HPP Senior Invite  SGC
 9th & 10th March  KNOX MAG Invite  KNOX
 17th March  MAG State Trial 1  BTYC
 24th March  MAG State Trial 2  BTYC
 31st March  MAG State Trial 3  SGC/ HPP
 12-14 April  MAG Senior Victorian Championships  Geelong Arena

Women's Gymnastics

 Date  Competition  Venue
 17th Feb  KNOX Senior Invite  KNOX Gymnastics
 2nd - 3rd March  NL7-10 Judges Invite  Geelong YMCA
 9th & 10th March  Jets Learn to Fly Invite  Jets Diamond Creek
 16th & 17th March  WAG State Trial 1  Waverley
 23rd & 24th March  WAG State Trial 2  Eureka Gymnastics
 30th & 31st March  WAG State Trial 3  MYC Gymnastics
 7th April  Eureka Senior Invite  Eureka Gymnastics
 12-14 April  WAG Senior Victorian Championships  Geelong Arena
 5th May  MLC Senior Star Classic  MLC Gymnastics
 23rd June  SGC Level 2-4 WAG Invite  SGC

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Date  Competition  Venue
3rd March  RG State Trial 1  Prahran RG
16th March   Prahran Invite   Prahran RG
 23rd March  RG State Trial 2  Ruyton RG
 14 April  Senior RG Victorian Championships  Prahran RG
 16th June  Strathcona Cup  Strathcona RG

Gymnastics For All

Date  Competition  Venue

Aerobic Gymnastics

Date  Competition  Venue
 16th March  AER State Trial 1  Melbourne Gym Sports
 31st March  AER State Trial 2  Aerodynamix

Trampoline Gymnastics

Date  Competition  Venue
 13-14 April TRP Victorian Championships Geelong Arena

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Date  Competition  Venue
 2nd March  ACRO State Trial 1 - PMP  Team Adrenalin