Gymnastics Business Advisors

Gymnastics Victoria have established a program with endorsed Gymnastics Business Advisors who will be available to offer help and advice to all Gymnastics Victoria affiliated clubs.

Their areas of expertise will include setting up a new club, advice on fee structures, assisting with timetabling and how to help your business grow in amongst many other things.

Meet our Gymnastics Business Advisors:

Sarah Reid

Founder and Director of Twisters Gymnastics. Sarah has one of the most successful recreational clubs in Victoria. Twisters has grown from a set-up, pack-up program in a school to a private facility with over 1,600 members. Twisters has recently taken on the next evolution to a second facility operating out of a shopping centre, growing to over 450 members. With 20 years coaching experience Twisters has also enabled her to put her two degrees of a Bachelor of Contemporary Art (Dance) and a Masters of Business (Sport Management) to good use! 

Sarah will be available on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 10am – 12pm. Contact her on or 0409 432 893.

Lucy Fyfield

Founder of Fitness for Fun & Melbourne Gymnastics Centre, Lucy has been involved with the sport of gymnastics since the age of 6. She began coaching at the age of 14 and followed through with this as a career. Fitness for Fun began in 1998 and her business organically grew over 15 years to 3 centres offering recreational gymnastics and Kindergym to children across Melbourne. After some business transitions of re-branding and selling, Lucy was offered the opportunity to take over another gym which would provide the opportunity to offer the sport of gymnastics from Kindergym - adults and all the programs in between including high level MAG and WAG gymnastics, to which Melbourne Gymnastics Centre was founded. Child development and movement is Lucy’s passion. Teaching people to move and reach their individual potential is her motivation. MGC currently employs 80 staff and teaches approximately 1,800 athletes per week.

Lucy will be available during the day on Tuesdays. Contact her on or 0410406690.

We encourage you contact our advisors during the specific times they have requested. If those times are difficult for you then please email them to make alternative arrangements. 

This service is provided to clubs by Gymnastics Victoria.