Gymnastics Victoria’s professional development series is designed to support Club Owners, Managers and Administrators. 2021 has been a challenging year filled with a series of webinars, bootcamps and the 2021 Club Conference which transitioned online, to develop and grow your business.

The calendar below outlines the current schedule for the coming year with more development opportunities added as required or as they arise, so keep your eyes on this page.

Business and Industry Knowledge Webinars and Bootcamps are suitable for all Club Owners, Managers and Administrators from Private and Not-for-Profit clubs.

Not-for-Profit Webinars are suitable for Club Managers and Administrators of Not-for-Profit Clubs.

Club Conference is suitable for all Gymnastics Clubs.

Regional Congresses are suitable for all clubs within the advertised regions.

Please note:
Dates and times are subject to change.