2021 Fee Structure

What is the cost to affiliate with Gymnastics Victoria?

Clubs affiliating for the first year are required to pay the New Club Affiliation fee and if taking the national insurance package the insurance fees. If clubs are using their own insurance they are required to provide a certificate of currency.

 New Club Affiliation (first year) $272.50  
 Club Affiliation (sporting schools only) $272.50
 Club Affiliation (0-50 Members) $272.50 
 Club Affiliation (>50 Members) $1,199.00 
* Affiliations include access to GOL and OneMusic Licences
* Clubs may also take up the national insurance package for $924.00
* All amounts above are inclusive of GST


Participants / athletes registering with a GV-affiliated club have a direct financial relationship with that club for their membership, not GV or GA. Clubs structure membership and training fees in ways that vary from club to club. Affiliated clubs are required to pay annual registration fees to become members of Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia. This payment also covers a participant’s insurance coverage to participate in gymnastics at an affiliated club.GV invoices the club for this payment and GA invoices GV for affiliation and insurance in turn.

Term 1      Terms 2-4 
 Athletes- Recreational  $29.80 $42.58
 Athletes - Competitive $46.97  $67.11
 Athletes - Aged 5 and Under $22.65 $32.36 
 Athletes - Pro-rata (new after 1 October) $19.07 $27.25 
* Term 1 registrations attract a 30% discount
* All amounts above are inclusive of GST
* Competitive athletes include any athletes seeking eligibility to compete at a GV organised or planned event (ie: State Championships, State Pennant Events, State Team Trials, State Championship qualifiers, LAT status events etc.)
* 5 and under means – athletes aged 5 years of age or under on 30 April in the year of calculation
* FFL Athletes will be charged only the insurance fee of $6.27
* Clubs will be invoiced 4 times throughout the year based on their actual or estimated registered member numbers and reconciled on actual numbers at year end; where an estimate has been provided, GV will use estimated numbers and liaise with the club to refine the estimate through the year.

School-only providers (0-5 Schools)   $250.00  
 School-only providers (6-15 Schools) $950.00 
 School-only providers (>16 Schools) $1,500.00 
* All amounts above are inclusive of GST

Fees are as per the resolution of the Special General Meeting held in late 2020, with a discount for Term 1 and adjusted for increases to insurance charges.