2020 Fee Structure 

What is the Cost to Affiliate with Gymnastics Victoria?

Club Affiliation:

Clubs affiliating for the first year are required to pay the New Club Affiliation fee and if taking Gymnastics Victorian insurance the insurance fees. If clubs are using their own insurance they are required to provide a certificate of currency.
CLUB AFFILIATION Fees for 2020 (no change)

New Club Affiliation (first year of affiliation)

$ 272.50

Club Affiliation (0-50 Members)

$ 272.50

Club Affiliation (>50 Members)


* Affiliations include APRA  and PPCA  Licences ($199). Note: APRA and PPCA licenses allows you to play music in your gym 
* Access to Gymnastics Australia GOL Licenses
* Access to Club Online Data Base* ($135) *Online data base allows direct access for athlete registration
* All amounts above are inclusive of GST

CLUB INSURANCE Fees for 2020 (If a club does not take this insurance they must source alternative insurance with equivalent coverage)

Club Insurance                                      $924 (a reduction of $154 on 2019)


Participants registering with a GV-affiliated club are required to pay an annual registration fee to become members of Gymnastics Victoria and GA. This payment covers the participant’s insurance coverage to participate in gymnastics with your club. This payment is collected from the member by the Club and then GV collects this payment from GV. Clubs are invoiced quarterly for registrations, with the default option being based on the prior year – e.g. during 2020 clubs will be paying based on their 2019 member numbers – however new clubs (or other clubs upon request) are asked to estimate their numbers and in the last quarter an invoice or credit note is issued to reconcile the amount to the actual numbers.
Member REGISTRATION Fees (incl. insurance) for 2020

Athletes - Recreational



Athletes - Competitive



Athletes - 5 & under - Kindergym



Athletes - Pro-rata (new after 1 October)



 School-only providers (0-5 Schools)                     $250.00
 School-only providers (6-15) Schools    $950.00
 School-only providers (>16 Schools)    $1,500.00

* All amounts above are inclusive of GST
* Fees are calculated based on member numbers in 2019 (where a club has an increase in members in 2020 they can reinvest that money back into the club)
* Competitive athletes include any athletes seeking eligibility to compete at a GV organised or planned event (ie: State Championships, State Pennant Events, State Team Trials, State Championship qualifiers, LAT status events etc.)
* 5 and under means – athletes aged 5 years of age or under on 30 April in the year of calculation
* The default option for paying registrations will be for clubs to be invoiced 4 times throughout the year based on their prior year registered member numbers