Youth Advisory Program

Gymnastics Victoria is proud to introduce its first Youth Advisory Program! 

The Youth Advisory Program has been formed as part of VicHealth’s Growing Participation in Sport program - delivering proven participation opportunities to engage less active young people (12-17 years) to become more active through sport.

Gymnastics Victoria’s Youth Advisory Program is a team of young people, aged between 12-17 years, with a diverse range of experiences in the sport of Gymnastics. 

Together, they discuss current issues affecting young people in sport and represent the voice of young people participating in Gymnastics. 

The Youth Advisory Program are also responsible for steering the VicHealth, ‘Gym4Me’ program

Download the Youth Advisory Program Terms of Reference here.

Join the Program!

Are you interested in having your voice heard and advocating for youth participation in Gymnastics? Join the Gymnastics Victoria Youth Advisory Program! 

Please note, there are currently no vacant positions in the Youth Advisory Program. To express your future interest, please contact April Wilson (Inclusion & Programs Manager) at

Raise your voice and be heard! 

Do you have an issue or opinion you would like to share with the Youth Advisory Program? 

Contact the Youth Advisory Program directly via this jot form to have your item added to our quarterly meeting agenda.