Gymnastics Federation of Fiji to Host International Executive Meeting

Less than two years after gaining provisional membership of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), the Gymnastics Federation of Fiji (GFF) has been granted the honour of hosting the FIG Presidential and Executive Committee meetings in July 2018.

Up to 35 delegates from around the globe will attend the six day event presided over by Japanese President Morinari Watanabe. In 2017 Watanabe took over the reins of FIG; the oldest international sports federation with 148 national member federations. He has vowed to visit each and every member federation at least once within four years and on this occasion encouraged an emerging federation to host the meetings which will see proposals approved and important decisions taken.

Whilst gymnastics in Fiji has some way to go before reaching the popularity of sports such as rugby, from an International Olympic Committee (IOC) perspective gymnastics ranks as a Group A sport alongside only Aquatics and Athletics. It is one of the star sports in terms of audience and television coverage. 50 million people practice gymnastics in clubs worldwide. Importantly gymnastics can provide fundamental movement foundations for physical activity for life. There are currently 5 active gymnastics clubs in Fiji with activities also taking place in schools and villages.

The Presidential and Executive Committee meetings will be held at the Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour and the GFF will have the opportunity to showcase its’ clubs and programs through visits and a cultural evening. The Gymnastics Federation of Fiji board and team of Sport Development Officers look forward to taking on the challenge of hosting this prestigious event.