Gymnastics Victoria Providing Gymnastics for Everybody with Disability Sport and Recreation

Gymnastics Victoria is continuing to champion that gymnastics is for everybody by renewing their partnership with Disability Sport & Recreation. 

Disability Sport & Recreation is an organisation committed to providing and promoting positive outcomes for people with disability, through meaningful engagement in sport and active recreation.

Over the past three years the partnership has seen Gymnastics Victoria and Disability Sport & Recreation collaborate to promote participation opportunities for people with a disability in gymnastics and within the broader sporting community. 

Some of the highlights have included:

- Involvement in the Disability Sport and Recreation Festival including in-person gymnastics activations delivered with Victorian gymnastics clubs as well as an online session last year during COVID-19 as part of the 2020 Disability - Sport and Recreation Virtual Festival.
- Being a part of the Disability Sport and Recreation Sports Hospital Program where patients in various Children’s Hospitals are able to experience gymnastics incursions.
- Assistance and support with Gymnastics Victoria inclusion initiatives, focus groups and research projects such as the Gym4Me program.
- Assistance and support with Victorian gymnastics club inclusion initiatives and activations such as Casey Gymnastics’ Wonderlous Open Day.

The annual Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Awards have also been a forum to highlight the great work being achieved through the partnership including:

- Autism Gym named as a finalist for Initiative of the Year in 2020
- Jenny Forssman awarded the Official of the Year Award in 2019
- Tamika Simpson awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019
- The Special Olympics Gymnastics Pathway named as a finalist for Initiative of the Year in 2018
- Casey Gymnastics Special Olympics Athletes nominated as the Team of the Year in 2018
- Balwyn Gymnastics Team Leader Emma Hosking nominated as Coach of the Year in 2018

Gymnastics Victoria Inclusion & Programs Manager Carolyn Bell is excited about renewing the partnership for a fourth year and seeing what outcomes the two organisations can continue to achieve together.

“Gymnastics Victoria and Disability Sport & Recreation both want to see opportunities for every person of every ability to participate in the sport of gymnastics and by working together we’ve been able to break down many of those participation barriers,” said Carolyn. 

Disability Sport and Recreation CEO Richard Amon agrees that the partnership has continued to grow and make gymnastics more inclusive.

“Gymnastics is a fantastic sport supporting our objectives for better choice, access and participation in sport and recreation.  It develops fundamental movement skills in a very supportive environment which is wonderful as a participation opportunity for as many people as possible. We look forward to continuing to work with Gymnastics Victoria in the future as we implement our new strategic plan which also includes an increased focus on developing a more powerful voice of people with disability in sport and recreation,” said Richard.  

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