The Road to Recovery Series

To ensure Gymnastics Clubs are ready to open their doors when restrictions ease, the Gymnastics State and Territory Associations present the Road to Recovery Series. 

Over the next few weeks we will be hosting weekly webinars on Fridays from 10.30am AEST. 

The Road to Recovery Series Week 3: Transitioning to Re-open 

This week's Road to Recovery Series webinar will focus on ensuring Gymnastics Clubs are ready to open their doors when restrictions ease and can transition into this phase successfully. 

The Transitioning to Re-open webinar will be held this Friday 29 May at 10.30am AEST with three Keynote speakers who will speak for 15 minutes each before allowing you to choose which of the zoom room sessions you would like to attend.

The zoom rooms are specific to the number of members your club has, however you are free to join whichever one you’d prefer. These zoom rooms will deliver practical examples for implementing the key note activities at your club.

See below for the key details on this Friday's session:

Click here for the webinar link to the Key Note Speakers Frank, Bob and J – all welcome! 
(Capacity 500)

Please ensure that you register for the Key Note session and the Zoom rooms with the key note speakers or Jasmin Meaker if you would like to attend. Please note if you wish to attend the Q & A with Rod and Kit Pool that Zoom room does not require registration. 

Click to register for the key note Q & A session with Frank, Bob and J
(Capacity 500)

Click here for presentation and Q & A with Jasmin Meaker hosted by Gymnastics Queensland
(Capacity 100)

Click here for presentation and Q & A with Rod and Kit Pool hosted by Gymnastics NSW
(Capacity 100)
Please note you do not need to register for this session. 

All sessions will be recorded and available on this website page afterwards. 

For further information contact Rachel Clerck on


The Road to Recovery Series Week 2: Marketing For Re-opening 

The Road to Recovery Series continued on Friday 22 May where Gymnastics Victoria, in partnership with the other States and Territories, welcomed Marketing to Mums expert, Katrina McCarter.

In this exclusive webinar for the gymnastics community, Katrina identified the five things every gym club should be focusing on right now in order to position themselves for re-opening.

The webinar video can be found below however it is password protected so only those with the password can access it. 
Please email your state or territory organisation for the password. 

Road to Recovery - Marketing to Reopen from Gymnastics Victoria on Vimeo.

You can view the Marketing for Reopening Presentation Slides here.
Listen to the Marketing to Mums podcasts here - especially relevant would be Marketing to Grandmothers (Episode 15)

Week 1 - Planning for Re-opening

Video Keynote session with Frank Sahlein, David Holcomb and Katy Heddens 

Downloadable resources:
David Holcomb – Re-Opening Factors in Getting Your Gym Ready To Open 
COVID19 Buckeye Policies
I want to do my part COVID 19 Safety
Katy Heddens – Re-Assessing Lesson Planning
Black Diamond Orange Phase Explanation 
Birons Health Handbook
Bringing your staff back to gym – J Orkowski 

Clubs are welcome to join the private 3rd Level Consulting Online Forum (Facebook) to get the absolute LATEST updates on vital issues.  
Clubs are also welcome to join the May 19th #TransformTuesday webcast "PROVE IT - ROI from your Technology Investments" to get up to the speed of today's technologies, and learn the REAL ROI to your business - both in Covid-19 and beyond.
Video Q&A for Clubs with 800+ members with Frank, David and Katy

Presentation for Clubs with 400 – 799 members with Christy Hemphill

What doesthis really mean for me?

Presentation for clubs with 0 – 399 Members with Chelsea Caple


For further information contact Rachel Clerck on
Tel: 03 9005 4700