Gymnastics laying the foundations for Victorian Ninja Warriors  

140 ninjas took to the Australian Ninja Warrior course for 2020 and of those 140 ninjas three of the 24 grand finalists have a background in gymnastics in Victoria.

Last year’s furthest and fastest ninja Charlie Robbins’ gymnastics background helped lead him to victory.

Charlie currently coaches and trains at Peninsula Gymnastics in Rosebud alongside fellow ninjas; Ashlin Herbert, Sarah Blackmore, Troy Cullen and Zak Stoltz.

Olympian and former Waverly Gymnastics Centre gymnast Georgia Bonora also competed in this season as did former Cheltenham Youth Club and Victorian MAG High Performance Program gymnast Zac Perillo.

Reflecting on the connection between Ninja Warrior and gymnastics Charlie believes the ability to use your body to create momentum is a key area that gymnasts and former gymnasts excel at on the course.

“Being able to swing on obstacles is the number one thing that helps you on the ninja course. 

Gymnastics teaches you how to generate swing which makes a massive difference in being able to conserve energy as you take on the ninja course.

This is one area that has really set the gymnasts apart from the other sportspeople and fitness professionals on Ninja Warrior,” he said.

As a gymnastics coach, Charlie also credits his performances on Australian Ninja Warrior to being able to analyse the obstacles from a different perspective. 

“When you work as a gymnastics coach you start to look at skills differently as opposed to when you are a gymnast. This coaching analysis was also really helpful with the obstacles on the ninja course,” he said.

Fellow gymnast Troy who has been a gymnast for 21 years also credits his success as a ninja to gymnastics.

“Gymnastics has helped my ninja training a lot. It’s given me lots of grip, good swings which I reckon is the foundation of Ninja being efficient with your movements,” he said in an interview with his club.

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