Gymnastics - the foundation for Australian sporting success

 The benefits of participating in gymnastics are widely discussed in relation to the success that gymnasts achieve during their time in the sport e.g. building flexibility, strength, and coordination. However the benefits that gymnastics participation has in creating a solid foundation for success in other sports is not as largely celebrated. 

Skills learnt through gymnastics such as fitness, balance, locomotor skills, confidence, work ethic and discipline are highly transferable to other competitive sports. In general, athletes who have participated in gymnastics at any level achieve higher results than their non-gymnast competitors in a number of other Olympic Sports. 

Many ex-gymnasts have gone on to represent Australia at a World and Olympic level including:
Matthew Mitcham (Tramp) – Diving 
Alisa Camplin and Lydia Lassila (WAG) – Aerial Skiing 
Sally Pearson (WAG) – Hurdler 
Amanda Bisk (WAG) – Pole Vault 
Kiana Elliott (WAG)– Weight Lifting 
Tierra Exum (WAG) – Triple Jump
Declan Stacey (MAG) and Laura Hingston (WAG) – Diving 
Cory Gregson (MAG) – AFL 
Clare O’Donnell and Emily Ramsay (WAG) - VFLW

A gymnastics foundation contributes to the success of other competitive sports so much that in 2016 Sport England allocated over $15 million AUD to British Gymnastics to grow and develop gymnastics in the UK. British Gymnastics has used these funds to increase participation in gymnastics in order to develop strong physical and social competencies amongst a greater number of British children for future success. 

Current gymnasts who are seeking alternative pathways as their gymnastics journey begins to decline are eligible to participate in Gymnastics Australia’s ‘Spin To Win’ program for a seamless transition to Diving, Aerial Skiing, and a variety of other sports. You may even want to switch Gymsports and give Artistic, Rhythmic, Aerobics, Acrobatics, Trampoline or Tumbling a try!

Find out more about the ‘Spin to Win’ program here