Date  Event  Venue  Closing Date
12 February
 Aerobics AGM & Technical Information Day  State Gymnastics Centre  N/A 
16-17 February  MAG HPP Senior Invitational (Levels 5 - Senior)  State Gymnastics Centre  18th January
17 February    Knox WAG Competition (L7-10)  Knox Gymnastics  17th January
17 February
 Rhythmic Gymnastics AGM & Technical Information Day  Glen Iris Rhythmic Gymnastics  N/A
2 March

 ACR State Trial 1 - PMP  Team Adrenalin  30th January
2-3 March  RG State Trial 1  Prahran RG  30th January
3 March  WAG NL 7-10 Judges Invite  YMCA Geelong - Newtown  Entries Closed
3 March  TRP Tumbling Qualifier  Palmer's Gym  30th January
3 March  Knox MAG Competition (L5-10)  Knox Gymnastics  1st February
9-10 March    Jets 7-Senior 'Learn To Fly' Invitational  Jets Gymnastics  11th February
16 March  AER State Trial 1  Melbourne Gym Sports  13th February
16-17 March  WAG State Trial 1 (NL 8-Senior - Division 1)   Waverley Gymnastics  13th February
16-17 March  MAG State Trial 1 (7 - Senior)   BTYC  13th February
16-17 March    Prahran Invitational  Prahran RG  16th February
17 March  TRP & DMT Qualifier  Omega  13th February
23 March  RG State Trial 2  Ruyton RG  20th February
23-24 March  WAG State Trial 2 (NL 7 Division 1 & NL 7-10 Division 2)  Eureka Gymnastics  20th February
23-24 March  MAG State Trial 2 (5 & 6)  BTYC  20th February
30-31 March  WAG State Trial 3 (NL 8-Senior - Division 1)
 incl. WAG AGM
 MYC Gymnastics  27th February
30-31 March  MAG State Trial 3 (7 - Senior)   State Gymnastics Centre  27th February
31 March  AER State Trial 2  Aerodynamix Gymnastics  27th February
7 April  Eureka WAG Senior Invitational (NL 7-10)  Eureka Gymnastics  6th March
12-14 April   
 MAG WAG, TRP & Special Olympics Victorian Championships*  The Geelong Arena  13th March (TRP)
 13-14 April    RG Victorian Championships   Prahran RG  13th March
13-14 April  ACR State Trial 3 - Winter Challenge
 incl. ACR AGM
 Nunawading Gymnastics  13th March
5 May
 MLC Senior Star Classic (NL 7-10)  MLC Gymnastics  10th April
5 May    Junior Performance Challenge  Carey Gymnastics  TBC
15 June    Maffra Masters  Maffra Gymnastics  22nd May
16 June  Strathcona Cup  Strathcona RG  15th May
16 June
   Sue Draper Memorial Pairs   Maffra Gymnastics   14th May
23 June  EKGA Awesome TRP Interclub  EKGA  22nd May
23 June
 Hamilton & District Annual Invite (NL 1-5)  Hamilton & District GC  TBC
23 June    HongGen Wang Team Challenge  BTYC  TBC
22-23 June 
 State Gymnastics Centre WAG Invitational (NL 2-4)  State Gymnastics Centre  27th May
29-30 June  WAG NL 2-4 Judges Invite  Eclipse Gymnastics  29th May
6-7 July  
 Flyaway WAG NL 3-10 & TeamGym Invitational  Flyaway Gymnastics  5th June
6-7 July
 YMCA Geelong Invitational NL 2-6  YMCA Geelong Newtown  3rd June
12-13 July
 MGA NL 3-10 Invitational  Melton Gymnastics Academy  1st June
14 July
 MCC NL 1-3 Invite  Mordialloc Community Centre  10th June
20-21 July
 State Gymnastics Centre WAG Invitational (NL 5-6)  State Gymnastics Centre  17th June
20-21 July     Gippsland Championships  Warragul Gymnastics Club  14th June
21 July    MAG Casey Cup & Special Olympics  Casey Gymnastics
 9th June
21 July  Knox WAG Competition (L1-2)  Knox Gymnastics  28th June
27-28 July  WAG NL 5-6 Judges Invite  CYC  26th June
28 July  ACR TC Invitational  EKGA  26th June
1 August  Primary AeroSchools    28th June
2 August  Secondary AeroSchools    28th June
3 August  AER Victorian Championships    3rd July
3-4 August  Jets Shepparton 'Learn to Fly' Invitational  Jets Shepparton  5th July
3-4 August
 Balance WAG Challenge (NL 2-6)  Balance Gymnastics  Event Full
4 August
 Grips MAG Invitational (Levels 1-4)  Grips Gymnastics  7th July
4 August
 Stawell GC Invitational  Stawell Gymnastics  28th June
4 August    Aerodynamix Invitational   Aerodynamix Gymnastics  
10-11 August    Warrnambool Invitational MAG 1-6 & WAG NL 1-2  Warrnambool Gymnastics  3rd July
10-11 August    BTYC Junior WAG Invite & SO Challenge  BTYC  TBC
10-11 August  Trans Bass Challenge Selection Trial  State Gymnastics Centre  10th July
11 August
 Knox Masters  Knox Gymnastics  7th July
13-16 August  Secondary Inter School Gymnastics    28th June
17-18 August
 Eclipse Invitational (NL 3-10)  Eclipse Gymnastics  10th July
17-18 August
 HYC WAG Invitational (NL 1-3)  Highett Youth Club  5th July
17-18 August
 MCC NL 4-6 Invite  Mordialloc Community Centre  15th July
19-21 August  Primary Inter School Gymnastics    28th June
23 August  Melbourne Girls' College Interschool Aerobics Competition  Melbourne Girls' College  9th August
24 August    Portland GC Invitational  Portland Gymnastics  24th July
24-25 August  RG Intermediate Victorian Championships  Prahran RG  24th July
24-25 August  WAG Casey Cup  Casey Gymnastics  14th July
25 August  MAG PIT Invitational   PIT Gymnastics  26th July
25 August    EKGA WAG 3-6 Invitational  EKGA  23rd July
31 Aug-1 Sep     ACR, WAG Team, TeamGym Victorian Championships
 incl. FusionFX*
 The Geelong Arena  31st July
31 Aug-1 Sep  Niddrie NL 3-6 Invite  Niddrie Gymnastics  19th July
31 Aug-1 Sep
   Knox WAG Competition (NL 3-6)  Knox Gymnastics  24th July
6-8 September
 Waverley ACROMAT Junior Classic  Waverley Gymnastics  30th July
7-8 September  WAG North East Regional Championships  Flyaway Gymnastics  7th August
8 September  MAG Junior Victorian Qualifier - Level 3 & 4   BTYC  7th August
14 September  WAG South East Regional Championships  Maffra Gymnastics  14th August
14-15 September  WAG Metro North Central Regional Championship  BTYC  14th August
15 September

 EKGA WAG 1-2 Invitational  EKGA  14th August
15 September  MAG Junior Victorian Qualifier - Level 1 & 2   Eastern Gymnastics  14th August
15 September  RG Multiples Victorian Championships  Carey RG  14th August
15 September
 Senior Gippsland Championships  Maffra Gymnastics  9th August
21 September
 Eureka WAG Junior Invitational  Eureka Gymnastics  7th August
21 September
 Mildura Invitational NL 1-10  Mildura Gymnastics Club  23rd August
21-22 September  WAG North West Regional Championships  Mildura Gymnastics Club  21st August
21-24 September
 MLC Junior Star Classic (NL 3-10)  MLC Gymnastics  28th August
27-29 September
Jets NL 3-10 Learn to Fly Invitational  Jets Diamond Creek  23rd August
28-29 September  WAG South West Regional Championships & Warrnambool Springers WAG 3-10 Invite  Warrnambool Springers  28th August
28-29 September    Metro East Regional Championships  Aerodynamix Gymnastics  28th August
5 October  Knox MAG Competition (L 1-4)  Knox Gymnastics  15th August
5-6 October  WAG Metro West Regional Championships  YMCA Geelong  4th September
5-6 October  WAG Metro South Regional Championships  Waverley Gymnastics  4th September
12-13 October
 MAG HPP Junior Invitational  State Gymnastics Centre  TBC
13 October  Grips WAG 1 & 2 Invitational  Grips Gymnastics  15th September
19-20 October  WAG State Pennant  BTYC  18th September
 19-20 October    Energetic Cup  Traralgon Sports Stadium  11th September
20 October  RG Junior Victorian Championships  Ruyton RG  18th September
20 October  MYC MAG Invitational  MYC Gymnastics  13th September
26 October  Blue Lake GC MAG & WAG Invitational  Blue Lake Gymnastics Club  5th September
26-27 October  TRP Levels All Stars & 2020 Qualifying Competition  CYC  25th September
26-27 October    Jets Level 3-6 "Get ready for Vics" Invitational  Jets Diamond Creek  30th August
27 October   Level 1-3A Awesome Competition  Nunawading Gymnastics & Sports Club   25th September
1 November
 Trans Bass Challenge  The Geelong Arena  2nd October
2-4 November
 WAG NL 4-6 Junior Victorian Championships*  The Geelong Arena  Qualify Through
2-3 November
 MAG Junior Victorian Championships*  The Geelong Arena  Qualify Through
9-10 November
 WAG NL 3 Junior Victorian Championships  Eastern Gymnastics  Qualify Through
10 November
 ACR TC Invitational  Team Adrenaline  18th October
10 November
 Omega Trampoline Interclub 2020 Qualifying Competition  Omega  9th October
16-17 November
 Natimuk & District MAG & WAG Gymnastics Invitational  Natimuk & District Gymnastics  18th October
 1 December    Carey Cup  Carey Gymnastics  1 November
* Denotes events where Gymnastics Victoria Members can receive free entry with the Gymnastics Victoria Member App.