LaunchPad Programs


"Gymnastics is to sport what the alphabet is to reading."

LaunchPad is the name for Gymnastics Australia’s junior recreational gymnastics programs. When you see a club that has a Launchpad branded program you know that your child is learning the Gymnastics foundations listed below.

Launchpad’s programs are all about teaching children the fundamental movement skills they need to lead an active and healthy life full of sport and recreation. Designed to give children the opportunity to practise, develop and enjoy moving through a wide-range of activities, LaunchPad programs will help them to develop physically, socially and cognitively.

LaunchPad's programs rely on safe and enjoyable activities that challenge participants in a fun and inclusive way. Research tells us that children who have these fundamental skills are far more likely to participate in sport and recreation throughout life. Fundamental Movement Skill activities benefit children through providing:

  • A foundation for lifelong participation in sport and recreation
  • A foundation for future participation in gymnastics
  • Optimised activities for brain and body development

The LaunchPad involves three developmental stage appropriate, programs:

  • KinderGym
  • GymFun
  • GymSkills


Each program is supported by resources and ‘ easy to use’ lesson plans for coaches and teachers that are safe, fun and require minimal equipment We believe that LaunchPad is the Nursery of Australian Sport!