In light of the current Covid-19 restrictions it is the decision of Gymnastics Victoria, supported by the GfA Technical Committee that all Gymstar events scheduled to be held during term 2 through until the end of the term 2 school holidays be cancelled. 

 The Gymstar event season will run from June till the end of October in 2020

Entries for all events will open 6 Weeks prior and close 3 weeks prior to the event, unless entries are full earlier.

Events with * are yet to be confirmed by the Host club.
Events in red have been cancelled. 

 Date   Event  Venue Opening Date Closing Date
 Sunday 7th * L2-3 Neutrons, L4-5 Halos  Athleta Gymnastics  15th April  13th May 
 Sunday 14th  L2-3 Neutrons , L4-5 Halos  Grips Gymnastics 22nd April 20th May 
 Sunday 14th  L2-3 Neutrons, L4-6 Titans   BK Gymnastics - Bacchus Marsh 22nd April   20th May
 Sunday 14th  L2-3 Neutrons, L4-5 Titans  State Gymnastics Centre  22nd April  20th May 
 Sunday 21st  L1-3 Neutrons, L4 Halos  Highett Youth Club 6th May  27th May
 Sunday 21st   L1-3 Neutrons, L4 Halos & Titans   Casey Gymnastics - Endeavour Hills  6th May  27th May
 Sunday 21st  L3 Neutrons, L4-6 Halos  Grips Gymnastics  6th May   27th May
 Sunday 28th   L1-3 Neutrons, L4 Halos  Reach Gymnastics - Pakenham   13th May 5th June 
 Sunday 5th   Gymstar Open - Pride Event  MGC - Melbourne  20th May  10th June 
Saturday11th  *L3 Neutrons & L4 Titans  Knox Gymnastics Club  27th May 17th June 
 Sunday 12th   *L5-7 Titans  Knox Gymnastics Club  27th May   17th June
 Sunday 12th   L2-3 Neutrons, 4 Halos & Titans  BTYC Gymnastics  27th May 17th June
 Sunday 19th   L1-3 Neutrons  Werribee Gymnastics Club 3rd June 24th June 
 Sunday 19th  L5-8 Halos  Athleta Gymnastics 3rd June  24th June
 Sunday 19th   L1-3 Neutrons  Funtastic Gymnastics 3rd June 24th June 
 Sunday 26th  L4, L6, L7, Halos & L9 Titans   YMCA Geelong 10th June   1st July
 Sunday 26th   L7-10 Titans  Eclipse Gymnastics 10th June  1st July
 Sunday 2nd  *L1-3 Neutrons, 4-10 Titans  Gippsland Challenge (Maffra GC) 17th June  8th July
 Sunday 2nd  L3 Neutrons, L4-6 Halos  Gymnastics Unlimited - CS  17th June 8th july
 Sunday 2nd  L4-10 Titans  Warrnambool Springers Gymnastics  17th June 8th July
 Sunday 9th   L5-8 Titans  Reach Gymnastics 24th June 15th July 
 Sunday 9th   L2-3 Neutrons, L4-5 Halos  State Gymnastics Centre  24th June 15th July
 Sunday 9th  L3 Neutrons, L4-6 Halos  Grips Gymnastics  24th June  15th July 
 Sunday 16th   L5-8 Halos  Eastern Gymnastics  1st July  22nd July 
 Sunday 16th   L1-3 Neutrons, L4 Halos  Highett Youth Club  1st July 22nd July
 Sunday 16th   *L1 Neutrons, L4-10 Titans  Energetic Cup (Casey Stadium)  1st July 22nd July 
 Sunday 23rd   L7-10 Titans  Aerodynamix  8th July  29th July
 Sunday 23rd  L4-7 Halos  Highett Youth Club  8th July  29th July
 Sunday 23rd  L4-6 Titans  Fishermen's Bend Gymnastics Club 8th July  29th July 
 Sunday 23rd  L2-3 Neutrons, L4-5 Halos  Resilience Gymnastics Collage 8th July  29th July 
 29th & 30th   L4-10 Titans & Open   Gymstar Showcase (Geelong Arena)  15th July  5th August
Saturday 5th   Gymstar Open  FCGC - West Footscray  22nd July   12th August 
 Sunday 6th  L5-8 Halos, L9-10 Titans  FCGC - West Footscray  22nd July  12th August  
 Sunday 6th   L2-3 Neutrons, L4-5 Titans   State Gymnastics Centre  22nd July  12th August 
 Sunday 6th  L3 Neutrons, L4-6 Titans  Aerodynamix 22nd July  12th August
 Sunday 13th   L5-10 Titans    Casey Gymnastics - Casey Stadium 29th July  19th August  
 Sunday 13th  L1-3 Neutrons, L4 Halos  Eastern Gymnastics 29th July  19th August  
 Sunday 13th  *L5-9 Titans  Cheltenham Youth Club 29th July 19th August 
 Sunday 20th  L1-3 Neutrons, L4 Halos  FCGC - West Footscray  5th August 26th August
 Sunday 20th   L3 Neutrons, L4-7 Halos  Eureka Gymnastics Club 5th August  26th August
 Sunday 20th   *L7-10 Titans   Athleta Gymnastics   5th August  26th August
 Saturday 3rd  L6-10 Titans  Knox Gymnastics  19th August 9th September
 Sunday 11th  L6-10 Titans  Eastern Gymnastics 26th August  16th September
 Sunday 11th   L5-8 Halos & Titans  BTYC Gymnastics  26th August  16th September 
 Sunday 11th   L2-3 Neutrons, L4-5 Titans  State Gymnastics Centre 26th August 16th September
 Sunday 11th  L2-3 Neutrons, L4-5 Halos  Resilience Gymnastics Collage 26th August  16th September 
 Sunday 11th   *L1-3 Neutrons  Sunbury Gymnastics Collage 26th August  16th September
 Sunday 18th   L6-10 Titans  Gymnastics Unlimited - CS 2nd September  23rd September
 Sunday 18th   L2-3 Neutrons, Titans 4-6  BK Gymnastics - Bacchus Marsh 2nd September  23rd September
 Sunday 18th  *L1-3 Neutrons  BK Gymnastics - Bayside 2nd September  23rd September
Saturday 24th  L4-6 Halos  Casey Gymnastics - Berwick  9th September  30th September
Saturday 24th  *L4-8 Halos  MDYC Moyhu Gymnastics 9th September  30th September
 Sunday 25th   L1-3 Neutrons, L4-5 Titans  Casey Gymnastics - Berwick  9th September 30th September
 Sunday 25th   L3 Neutrons, L4-6 Halos  Grips Gymnastics  9th September 30th September
 Sunday 25th  *L6-10 Titans  Athleta Gymnastics  9th September  30th September

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