Results for all Gymnastics Victoria and Club Invitational events are posted hereIf you are searching for Club Invitational results that do not appear on these pages, please contact the Invitational's host club.


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2013 Event Results

Men's Gymnastics

VMAGJA Invitational - Meet
VMAGJA Invitational - Team
Dolphin Invitational MAG 2-7
VMHPC Invitational - Meet
VMHPC Invitational - Team
BTYC N2-10 Invitational - Meet
BTYC N2-10 Invitational - Team
CYC L2-Senior Invite
Trial 1 Results
Trial 2 Results
PIT MAG Invitational L2-8 Meet
Senior Gippsland Championships
BTYC State & National Invitational
Blue Lake Invitational L0-10
Victorian Championships - Level 2-3 Team
Victorian Gymnastics Championships

Women's Gymnastics

Dolphin Invitational WAG National 6-10
CYC N6-10 Invitational Results
Judges Invite N6-10 Results
WAG Trial 1 - N6
WAG Trial 1 - N7-10
Trial 2
Judges Invite L1-3 Results
EKGA WAG L1-3 Invitational Results
Energetic Cup L1-3 - Team Results
BYTC/CYC L1-3 Results
Dolphin WAG 1-3 Results
Jets WAG 1-3 Invitational Team Results
State Pennant West Wildcard Results
State Pennant East Wildcard Results
Balance L1-3 Results
MLC L1-3 Classic Results
Judges Invite L4-5 Results
State Pennant Zone 1 Qualifier - Results
State Pennant Zone 2 Qualifier - Results
Eastern 4-10 Invitational - Results
Niddrie 4-10 Invitational - Results
GK Elite State Pennant Finals and IDP Challenge
Judges Invite - S6-Open Results
Eclipse 4-10 Invitational & LAT
BTYC 4-10 Invitational & LAT
Senior Gippsland Championships
Balance 4-10 Invitational & LAT
MLC Women's Junior Classic & LAT 2013
Mildura 4-10 Invitational & LAT
Waverley S4-10 & N4-5 Classic & LAT
Dolphin Women's Challenge Cup & LAT
Jets Women's S4-10 Invitational
Natimuk Invitational
Levels Award Test
Victorian Gymnastics Championships
State Championships Qualifier Week 1 State 6 - 10
State Championships Qualifier Week 2 State 4 & National 4
State Championships Qualifier Week 3 State 5 & National 5
Women's Victorian Championships Finals
Victorian Championships - N6 - Team Results

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Prahran Invitational
Trial 1 Results
Trial 2 Results
Strathcona Junior Cup
Judges Invitational
Victorian Groups Championships
Eastern Gymnastics RG Invitational
Carey Cup
Junior Victorian Championships & State Pennant
Victorian Gymnastics Championships

Gymnastics for All

Primary ISG
Secondary ISG
Waverley GFA Competition

Aerobic Gymnastics

Trial 1
Trial 2

Victorian Championships

Trampoline Gymnastics

Trampoline Victorian Levels Challenge - Individual
Trampoline Victorian Levels Challenge - Double-mini Trampoline
Monash University Trampoline Interclub Competition
CYC TRP Interclub Competition
Omega TRP/DMT Interclub Compeition
CYC Trampoline Interclub Competition - May
Victorian Gymnastics Championships

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Autumn Classic - Trial 1
Melbourne Challenge - Trial 2
Nunawading LAT and 10 Activity
LAT Results - July 20th
Victorian Championships and State Pennant