Work done to date:

Appointment of a Child Safe Coordinator   GV Child Safe Pilot Clubs    GV Online Reporting Tool 


 The GV Child Safe Taskforce   Everproof Child Safe App 
 Meet on a regular basis and includes the GV CEO and other senior GV Staff. 

Club Resource Everproof released – Everproof allows for clubs to validate the status of a person's WWCC

 Developing an easy to use Child Safe App for clubs, coming soon!

 Child Safe Recruitment Guidelines Positive Sports Coaching  Gymnastics Child Protection Online Course 
Best practice gymnastics employee screening checklist outlines the type of employee wanted to participate in gymnastics.


 Partnership with ‘Positive Sports Coaching’ Resources available for clubs that focuses on positive coaching techniques designed to improve the mental and emotional health and well-being outcomes for children.

Gymnastics Child Protection Online Course released for Club Owners, Club Committees, Club Staff and Volunteers, Coaches, Judges, and GV Staff, Committees and partners (free to complete)


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