Below are some resources that you may find useful. Please note that meeting the Victorian Child Safe Standards is the responsibility of each club (regardless of affiliation with Gymnastics Victoria). The resources below are guides and are not comprehensive. Each club has individual needs that need to be accounted for when meeting the standards. GV recommends you begin with a Child Safe Standards Audit to determine how your club will best meet the standards. If you require any help with the standards call or email the GV Child Safe Coordinator (03 9005 4700 ) or contact the Commission for Children and Young People . 


Please note our new Child Safe policy template and child safe codes of behaviour template are coming soon!



*For under 18 year olds                 *For over 18 year olds                                                                         







Check out the following for more great child safety resources: 


Commission for Children and Young People - Child Safe Standards

VICSPORT – Child Safe Sport 

Sport Australia / Australian Institute of Sport – Child Safe Sport Toolkit     

 Play By The Rules - Child Safe Sport  

 Child wise  – a great resource for training and fact sheets 

Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare Inc.  - A website with courses, video’s etc. all about the standards! 

 NAPCAN - The National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

 DHHS – Child Protection
 - the website for Victoria's Department of Health and Human Services with information about Child Protection in Victoria 

Fact Sheets in other languages for Child Safe Standards

Australian Childhood Foundation  - ACF have a vision to defend the right of all children to a safe and loved childhood, they also work with organisations (including Gymnastics Australia) to help become 'child safe'

Bravehearts  - BH and GA are currently working together to promote and champion child safety 

VACCA  The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) is a state-wide Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO) servicing children, young people, families, and community members. 

Creative Spirits - Curious about Aboriginal culture but not sure where to start?


Click Here to watch a video to help young gymnasts learn about inappropriate touch

Click here  to see VicSport discuss how to implement the standards

News Articles: 

"An Alarming Number of Kids Feel Uneasy Talking to Adults About Safety " published in the Huffington Post

"Beyond Common Sense"  - A blog post via the Australian Childhood Foundation that highlights why we need a code of conduct. 

"The national child abuse apology shows that institutions can heal as well as harm"  - published in The Guardian 


Betrayal of Trust Inquiry - read all about the inquiry that set the Victorian Child Safe Standards into motion 


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