Phoebe Pownall is the Gymnastics Victoria Child Safe Coordinator and has worked with children for over 10 years in Australia as well as in Cambodia, Africa and New Zealand. She has a degree in Psychological Science and has worked as a children’s behavioural therapist and more recently as a front line social worker for the Department of Human Services and in foster care for Berry Street. During her time at the Department Phoebe spent time in the Sexual Abuse Investigation Team working alongside Victoria Police SOCIT (Sexual Offences and Child Abusive investigation Team).

Role at GV:
Phoebe’s role at GV is to help support clubs in responding to and preventing child abuse through the Victorian Child Safe Standards. 
Phoebe visits clubs to help them develop child safety support plans, speaks to members who have concerns about child abuse, provides advice regarding reporting requirements for clubs, develops child safety resources for clubs and investigates child safety reports. If you have ANY questions regarding child safety contact the Gymnastics Victoria office on (03) 9005 4700 or email

"Having Phoebe come out and review our club’s Child Protection status was a great opportunity to see our strengths and weaknesses. Our 12 month Child Protection Audit Action plan we developed with Phoebe has been a great tool to use to ensure our policies and procedures for members and staff are in line with the Child Safety Standards. With Phoebe’s continued guidance and support we are now on track to be compliant in all areas. "
Kate Short, Centre Manager 
Edge Gymnastics 


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