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Gymnastics Victoria: A Guide to NDIS

Gymnastics Victoria has developed a resource for clubs and participants to better understand the benefits of gymnastics and how participants can utilise their NDIS funding to participate in gymnastics. Find out more information by reading the Gymnastics Victoria: A Guide to NDIS Resource here.

Become an Inclusive Leader Club

Gymnastics Victoria is committed to its vision of ‘Gymnastics for Everybody.’ All affiliate clubs are encouraged and supported to be inclusive leaders in their communities. An Inclusive Leader Club is one which collaborates with their wider community to ensure that opportunities in gymnastics are available to all. Clubs have the opportunity to be formally recognised as an Inclusive Leader Club by completing our Inclusive Club Guidelines, available on our Inclusive Club App. The Gymnastics Victoria Inclusion App can be downloaded for free from the Apple or Google Play Stores.

Benefits of becoming an Inclusive Leader Club

Inclusive sporting environments are those which make people feel welcome and valued, regardless of their ability, background or personal attributes. These environments are friendly and safe places, free of harassment and discrimination.

The nature of a sporting environment can be the difference between an individual choosing to become a regular participant or not. Therefore, clubs and associations should strive to create welcoming and inclusive environments in order to attract and retain more people in their sport.

 Benefits of becoming an inclusive club include:

  • Increased membership base and associated financial benefits
  • Increased awareness of underrepresented groups and your local community needs
  • Enhanced capacity to attract new staff and volunteers and retain current staff and volunteers
  • Access to staff professional development and training opportunities
  • Access to funding opportunities
  • Access to resources and support from Gymnastics Victoria
  • Inclusive community image and public relations. Your local council, sponsors and government agencies all have an interest in encouraging people of all abilities and backgrounds to participate in sport.
  • Increased promotional opportunities
  • Increased opportunities for partnership and sponsorship
  • Access to awards and recognition
  • Increased diversity of program delivery
  • A positive club culture in which all staff, volunteers and participants feel welcome, safe and valued

Current Initiatives


Disability Sport & Recreation   

Partner with Disability Sport & Recreation

Gymnastics Victoria is proud to work with Disability Sport & Recreation to provide and promote positive outcomes for people with disability, through meaningful engagement in sport and active recreation.   
More information on Disability Sport & Recreation can be found here and information on how your club can become a Disability Sport & Recreation member can be found here.  

Partner with Special Olympics

Gymnastics Victoria is proud to work closely alongside Special Olympics Australia to increase participation opportunities for gymnasts with intellectual disabilities.
More information on Special Olympics can be found here.

Partner with Proud 2 Play

Gymnastics Victoria is proud to be a part of Proud 2 Play's Rainbow Sporting Alliance to create a more inclusive space in sport for the LGBTQIA+ Community.
More information on Proud 2 Play can be found here.

Partner with Blind Sports Victoria

Gymnastics Victoria works closely with Blind Sports Victoria to increase sport and recreation opportunities for gymnasts who are blind or have a vision impairment. Clubs are supported to create tailored programs for these participants.
More information on Blind Sports can be found here.


Inclusive Resources

Gymnastics Victoria offers a range of complimentary inclusion resources to clubs. These include professional development workshops, communication tools, plain language guides, case studies and more. Click here   to view our Inclusive Resources.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or on (03) 9005 4700.