The Victorian government has announced a roadmap to cautiously reintroduce sport in a staged approach across Victoria. The Resumption of Gymnastics training and clubs reopening will be introduced, at the discretion of each club, from 22 June 2020. 

Gymnastics Victoria’s priority is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the gymnastics community during the COVID -19 pandemic and have been working to create a toolkit of documents for clubs to enable them to re-open safely. 

Toolkit Resources

As we develop different documents for clubs we will continue to update them here. 







External Resources

AIS Framework for Rebooting of Sport
Sport Australia Return to Sport Checklist
Sport and Recreation Victoria Guidelines
Gymnastics Australia Rebooting Gymnastics Page
Return to Training Guidelines for coaches of Elite High Performance and High Level Competitive Athletes
SafeWork Australia COVID-19 Information for Workplaces
Suspected or Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in the Workplace


Simple steps to stop the spread

Good hygiene is in your hands

Keep that cough under cover

Keeping your distance

Good hygiene practices poster for businesses

You must stay 2 arms' length from others

Social Media Icons

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Preparing Your Gym

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FAQs about Return to Gymnastics in Victoria

16 June: How many people are allowed when our club reopens?

The Victorian Government announced new restrictions on Sunday 14 June around how many people are allowed in indoor sports centres when they re-open with new 20 people per 200sq m zone. For further information on this click here.

3 June: Are clubs required to submit a Return to Gymnastics/COVIDSafe plan to the Victorian Government or Gymnastics Victoria? 

No. Gymnastics Victoria are required to submit a Return to Play plan to the Victorian Government which clubs are encouraged to use to form their own plans for consistency and completeness. Individual clubs are not required to submit their plans for review.

1 June: How important is santisation of feet when clubs re-open? 

While santisation of feet is mentioned in the AIS Rebooting Sport Framework, Gymnastics Victoria’s medical advice suggests that it is not a necessity. With COVID-19 primarily being a disease that is transmitted from hand to face connections there is less likelihood of your feet being near your face, meaning less risk of transmitting the virus. 

1 June: Should individuals wear face masks when clubs re-open? 

Gymnastics Victoria’s medical advice suggests that wearing face masks is not a necessity due to the low prevalence of COVID-19 in Australia. The risk vs reward of face masks does not justify wearing them as masks will decrease air intake and may slip out of place (particularly over eyes in inversion activities) and become a safety risk. Disposable masks will also become moist and lose efficacy as a barrier because of the heavy breathing during exercise. Gymnastics clubs should however respect each individual’s desire to wear a mask if they choose. 

1 June:How should clubs manage re-opening KinderGym and 0-5 programs? 

If a club is running KinderGym or a 0-5 year old program, they should ensure that the parent is responsible for their child and for ensuring that social distancing is maintained. Both the parent and the child count as participants in class numbers. 

Clubs may want to put indicators on the floor (crosses/spots) to indicate where children/parents should stand in relation to each other and the equipment. Equipment should be sanitised before, during and after the class and parents/children should sanitise before, during and after the class.

27 May: Do I need training to operate a COVIDSafe Gym? 

It is a recommendation from Sport Australia that all clubs have a COVID-19 Safety Coordinator who is the key resource and central point of contact for all matters relating to COVID-19 for your organisation. More can be found out about the role of a COVID-19 Safety Coordinator here

We would also recommend that someone from your club has completed the COVID-19 infection control training which can be found here.

27 May: Which guidelines should we be following as we prepare our gymnastics clubs to reopen? 

Gymnastics Victoria have combined information from Sport Australia, Sport and Recreation Victoria and Gymnastics Australia to create these resources so these are the best ones for clubs to follow.