100 person limit in Gymnastics Clubs

To reduce the risk of coronavirus virus spreading, gymnastics clubs need to be aware of the new restrictions for indoor gatherings.

All non-essential indoor gatherings of less than 100 people (including staff) should apply social distancing and hygiene practices. This includes:

being able to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between people (where safe to do so – e.g. don’t do line ups close and reduce activities needing spotting where you can)

providing hand hygiene products and suitable rubbish bins, with frequent cleaning and waste disposal

As outlined above, gyms, indoor fitness centres and swimming pools do not need to close at this time — as long as they follow social distancing advice and have good cleaning routines in place.

Please make sure you are aware of these guidelines and do not exceed the 100 person limit in any undivided interior space at your gymnastics club at any one time. 
Further details: https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/more-restrictions-put-in-place-in-the-fight-against-covid-19/

Breaking update on 100 person limit:
1 person per 4sqm average – This afternoon (20 March), the Prime Minister advised that the 100 person limit also will include a requirement for no more than 1 person per 4 square metres (sqm) – e.g. if your indoor area is 400 sqm or larger you can have 100 people maximum, if it is 100 sqm then you may have up to 25 people in that space.

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