Gymnastics Victoria are proud of having so many committed coaches, judges, volunteers and administrators across the State. We will be featuring Hero of the Month profiles – you can nominate a coach, judge, volunteer or administrator to be featured by clicking here.

Cathy is the head coach at Koala Gymnastics Club and has this month been nominated for Hero of the Month!

Cathy has always been 100 percent committed to gymnastics and is so proud to promote it in the gym, in schools and to the wider community. She is continually helping others to love gymnastics and see the importance and the benefits it provides to all participants. She has qualifications in almost every Gymsport and is able to guide everyone to the type of gymnastics that suits them best. She also loves to share her vast knowledge and experience in this sport with those around her and the wider gymnastics community.

Cathy started gymnastics the second year Koala Gymnastic Club opened. The club has been operating in Noble Park for over forty years. After ten years of learning gymnastics she became a coach and stayed at Koala Gymnastics. She has been coaching for 32 years this year.

Over the years she has taught thousands of children at the club, as well as at several other clubs as well and in schools and at local community events. She has supervised and guided many young people to become coaches as well and still does to this day. Cathy has also over the years helped as a volunteer at many competitions and Gymnastics Victoria events and competitions. Cathy has taught gymnastics in local schools for many years now and is also a sporting schools coach.

She has given hundreds of hours of her own time to sew costumes for her gymnasts for displays, Gymfest, Cirque de Gymnastic and FusionFX events. 

Cathy continues to run the Koala gymnastic club with a wonderful group of coaches. Cathy is also a Gymnastics Victoria course presenter and once again shares her expertise and knowledge with the wider gymnastics community. Cathy loves our sport with all her heart and always encourages and supports other to develop a love of it also.

Gymnastics Victoria would like to thank Cathy for her continual dedication to gymnastics!