What is Osteopathy and how is it different from Physiotherapy and Chiropractic?

Just as your Coach teaches you gymnastics and helps to refine your skills, from your first cartwheel to learning how to use the beam, vault, floor, or bar (and much, much more), Osteopaths look after the form and function of the musculoskeletal system. 
This means we look at how your entire body (muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons) work together to keep you doing what you do best.

So, whether you have twisted an ankle after landing awkwardly, strained a shoulder on parallel bars, fallen flat on your face on the trampoline, hurt your neck on the floor, or are just tight from training, we are here to help. We use a combination of massage, stretching, mobilisation and movements of joints, including ‘cracking’ if we feel it appropriate, as well as prescribing exercises that may help with recovery. Some Osteopaths can also offer Dry Needling as a part of their treatment plan. 

Physiotherapy is more reliant on exercise prescription and rehabilitation of a post-surgery incident or injury. Some Physios do also incorporate massage and mobilisation as a part of the recovery practice and can also use equipment such as Reformer Pilates machines. Physiotherapy tends to focus on the area that is sore and allows the rest of the body to compensate naturally. 

Chiropractors focus on treating and preventing stiffness and tightness through the spine by performing manual adjustments or (cracking) of the spine. Some Chiros also use an instrument called an activator to help release tight spots.
Each manual therapy is aimed at keeping you on top of your game and helping you to recover from stiffness, injury or pain. It is up to you which you decide works best for you.
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