Blog: Defining a Path 

With the ever changing landscape of our sport and the demand to achieve success at the highest levels of international competition, establishing strong club and community based programs with clearly defined pathways has never been more important. 

You may have set your long term goals and mapped out the pathways needed to meet these goals, but is this enough? 

No one has the master plan to success, so make contact with other clubs and develop a community of likeminded educators and facilitators. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with others; you may find that you have common goals and can collaborate to create strategies to overcome problems you may both encounter. 

There are many great clubs and coaches out there who have already adopted collaborative methods. Conferences like the Leading Clubs Conference and the Gymnastics Victoria Club Conference are a great place to start conversations with other people in the industry. Tapping into online content from people like Dr Dave Tilley (Shift Movement Science) and Nick Ruddock is also a great resource that can only add positive influence to your organisation.

Through collaboration with people from both within and outside of the gymnastics community, we can develop a strong and healthy environment. This, in turn, will bring about a positive culture and a progressive growth mindset into our gyms. 

Sam Brittlebank
MYC Gymnastics