Start Here, Go Anywhere! - Ninja Warrior Australia

Australian Ninja Warrior is back for Season 2 and we’re looking forward to seeing some of our Victorian Gymnasts take on the notorious course which includes obstacles like the bridge of blades and the warped wall. 

In 2017 we saw some of our former Olympic Gymnasts like Larrissa Miller and Georgia Bonora take on the course as well as plenty of other competitors who had backgrounds in gymnastics which helped to develop the strength they needed to tackle the course.  

Gymnastics is a leader in developing fundamental movement skills and provides participants with general fitness, coordination, agility, strength, balance and speed.

Ninja Warrior is just one of the paths you can take with a foundation in Gymnastics showing you can Start Here, Go Anywhere! 

Take a look at some of the Ninja Warrior efforts of Victorian Gymnastics alumni:

 Larrissa Miller – Former Olympic Gymnast (Waverley Gymnastics Centre)

 Georgia Bonora – Former Olympic Gymnast (Waverley Gymnastics Centre) and Coach at Waverley Gymnastics Centre

 Ashlin Herbert – Peninsula Gymnastics Adult Gymnast

Andrea Hah – Former Victorian Institute of Gymnastics Women’s Artistic Gymnast

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