Commonwealth Games: Alex Kiroi-Bogatyreva

At 16 years of age, Alex Kiroi-Bogatyreva is the youngest Victorian athlete on the Commonwealth Games Gymnastics Team. She was first introduced to the world of Rhythmic Gymnastics at age 6, when she joined Prahran Rhythmic Gymnastics Specialist Centre. 

Over her career Alex has competed at an impressive number of national and international events, including the Australia Cup, Luxemburg Cup and Holon Grand Prix. Of all of these competitions, Alex says that the Holon Grand Prix was the most important event for her as it is where the top Rhythmic Gymnasts compete. 

Alex is excited and proud to have made the Commonwealth Games Team, saying that “it’s nice to know that all the hard work has paid off”. 

When asked if she has any advice for aspiring gymnastics, Alex says to “set small goals and future goals, each little goal you accomplish will lead you to your future.” 

Alex is one of three athletes competing in the Rhythmic Gymnastics, alongside NSW athletes Danielle Prince and Enid Snug. 

After the Commonwealth Games, Alex will focus her attention on upcoming World Cup competitions in Baku and Guadalajara.  

Good luck, Alex!