Aerobase PASS Online Championships

Gymnastics Victoria is launching the Aerobase PASS Online Championships, open from September 2017 – 31st May 2018. This is an opportunity for Specialist Schools to get involved in the award winning Online Aerobase program for a chance to win $1000. 

Aerobase is a basic, fun and exciting new way of learning Aerobics. Aerobase has six online instructional lessons that run for 10-15 minutes, so all you need to participate is a screen, access to the internet and sound. (Teachers can also request a free USB of the six sessions). 

To get involved, students will need to go through the six free online Aerobase sessions, and make up an Aerobase routine using the skills learnt through the online program. To enter, routines need to be filmed, and sent in to Gymnastics Victoria. 

While students will be judged on their routines, it is important to note that this online competition will have a strong focus on how fun, engaging and creative the group is. Gymnastics Victoria are looking for fun entries that are filmed in creative places. All students are on an even playing field as the skill level of the students will not be judged.

Schools are encouraged to enter multiple videos with different groups of students. Groups of 3-20 students (open age) can either do the routine in episode 6, or create their own routine using at least six of the skills they have learnt in the Aerobase series. The students can use the music of their choice to perform a fun and engaging routine between 30 seconds - 2 minutes in length. 

To submit an entry, film the students performing a fun Aerobase routine, upload the group video(s) and fill in the Aerobase Online Grand Championships entry form. Schools will then be entered in the PASS Aerobase Online Grand Championships, and routines will be judged with the winner being announced at the June PASS General Meeting. (The quality of the film production will not be judged). 

Gymnastics Victoria can organise coaches to work with Schools on request, and support schools through the Aerobase program (Schools can use Sporting Schools funding - cost associated). 

Aerobase meets the guidelines and criteria of the Movement and Physical Activity components of the current Victorian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education for Students with a Disability. Gymnastics Victoria will be sending out a resource that aligns Aerobase to the curriculum for the benefit of teachers. This program also has a pathway in to a face-to-face State Championship competition for interested schools.

Mainstream Schools are also encouraged to participate in the Free Aerobase Online program and competition; however they will be judged separately to the Specialist Schools and will not be eligible for the $1000 prize money. 

Each entry is $10, and entries close 31st May 2018.

For more information or to request a USB to be sent to your School: 

Click here for the entry form.