Sponsoring a Gymnastics Coach from Overseas 

Roberto from EKGA and Maryanne from True Blue Migration.

The rising popularity of gymnastics means that qualified and experienced coaches are often in short supply. To keep up with demand and secure the best talent, clubs with a genuine need can employ qualified gymnastics coaches from overseas. 

One club that recently went down this route is Essendon Keilor Gymnastics Academy (EKGA) which sponsored Roberto, a talented coach from Italy. 

EKGA owner Christy got the ball rolling by contacting True Blue Migration Services after she received Roberto's CV and wasn't sure how to get the process started.

True Blue Migration Services Director Maryanne Gruar assessed Roberto's eligibility for an Australian work visa. Given the recent changes to 457 visas, she determined that the 408 visa was the right pathway for him.

"Christy decided to first apply for the three month 408 visa as this allowed a ‘trial period’ for both parties. Roberto had to be outside Australia to lodge this visa (he was in Italy)," Maryanne said.
"We managed this visa for EKGA and Roberto. EKGA needed to provide various pieces of information about the position, whilst Roberto needed to show he held appropriate gymnastics qualification and work experience, and met health and financial requirements. We guided them through the paperwork to ensure the application was watertight prior to lodging."

Roberto and Christy's Registered Migration Agent managed the whole application from start to finish, liaising with immigration on EKGA's behalf and making the process as hassle-free as possible. The visa was approved in just two weeks and it wasn't long before Roberto was on a plane to Australia, ready to start work with EKGA. 

The trial period went so well that Christy was keen to sponsor Roberto for longer and again contacted True Blue Migration Services to find out how.

Joy Hay, Director of True Blue Migration Services, said this longer visa required Christy’s club to become approved as a sponsor for 408 visas. 

"This is a more involved process, but it's easily managed by a Registered Migration Agent. The process can seem overwhelming on the surface, but our team handles 408 visas day in and day out, so we know exactly what is required to get an application over the line. Our aim is to take the stress out of it and limit the amount of red tape involved for clubs like EKGA," she explained. 

Once a club becomes an approved sponsor, this approval is held for five years and additional coaches can be sponsored as necessary. This provides gymnastics clubs with the flexibility they need to keep up with demand. 

Roberto has gone down a storm at EKGA and is proving popular with parents and students alike.

True Blue's advice to club owners who are interested in sponsoring an overseas coach is to seek professional advice and ensure the candidate is eligible before going any further. For a free consultation, call 9038 9070 or email info@truebluemigration.com.

Gymnastics Victoria are proud to have True Blue Migration as a Bronze Partner.