Gymnastics Victoria Photography Tender

Gymnastics Victoria (GV) are seeking an event photographer for our many future major and minor events. 

Previously, GV has incorporated an event photographer at all major and minor events for the past six years and agreements have been on an annual basis. 

We are now seeking to establish a mutually beneficial relationship for a period of three years. 

Gymnastics Victoria host annual premier events in an arena environment, such as the Men’s and Women’s Senior Victorian Championships, Women’s Team and Acrobatics Victorian Championships, Women’s Junior Victorian Championships and Aerobic Victorian Championships.

In addition, Gymnastics Victoria hosts championships in a club environment such as Rhythmic Gymnastics events, Women’s Gymnastics Regional Events, Men's Gymnastics Events and Trampoline Gymnastics Victorian Championships.

Gymnastics Victoria currently has 130 registered clubs with over 58,000 members and a current growth rate of 19%. The GV preferred event photographer will have the opportunity to connect with the GV membership base through events, corporate days and the membership booklet.

Click here to view the Gymnastics Victoria Photography Request For Proposal.