BUGS Gymnastics Journey of ‘Gymnastics for over 55’s’

Gymnastics Victoria’s ‘Gymnastics for over 55’s’ initiative is a great program for older adults to get involved in Gymnastics. 

The program is a fun and social opportunity that aims to improve mobility, strength and coordination.

Many clubs all over Victoria have begun running a ‘Gymnastics for over 55s’ program, including BUGS Gymnastics.

Julie Chalmers, Centre Coordinator at BUGS Gymnastics is extremely positive about the program.

“When we first heard about the new initiative, we were very excited to get on board. We felt, a program for our older community was essential for their wellbeing,” says Julie.

After Julie and BUGS staff attended the ‘Gymnastics for over 55s’ course through Gymnastics Victoria, they proceeded with getting the word out to local communities to get people on board. 

BUGS Gymnastics are thrilled with how the program is going, and believe that it offers remarkable health and social benefits.

“The program offers people the opportunity to meet others, to gain flexibility and coordination and to generally feel better about oneself. It also offers fun, fitness and friendship.”

There have been many highlights of the program, however one moment stood out to Julie.

“I remember the first time we did hula hoops and one member could do the hula hoop for a long period of time, everyone cheered and laughed! She was so pleased with herself and went home to show the grandkids. This program has made people smile and laugh and have a great time while staying fit and active.”

Clubs such as BUGS Gymnastics highly recommend that other clubs get on board and offer this program to their community, as they believe there’s a real need for our older generation to stay fit and healthy.

“I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to maintain their flexibility and mobility and also to make social connections. The program offers different levels of fitness so it is adaptable to suit everyone’s needs.”

BUGS Gymnastics have been running the program for two school terms, with eight members who regularly attend each week. Also offering casual classes, they find that many like having the freedom to attend whenever without commitment. 

BUGS offer casual classes for $5.00 per week for a 45 minute class, and welcome all. 

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